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Nicolette DeFrank “Lolita and Dolores: Reexamining Lolita in the
Age of the ‘Me-Too’ Movement”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola…

Investigating the Impact of Storm Events on the Availability of Terrestrial Insect Prey to Mummichog, by Cade Cobbs, Emma S. Dryden, Jessical S.…

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Table of Contents:

“The Methods of Coercion: Propaganda and the Wehrmacht”
by Matthew R. Horn (4-32)

“Master of None and Charged…

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Table of Contents:

“From One Other to Another: 'Othered' Child Protagonists and Helpful Monsters” 1 –18 by Rachel Condon Douglas K Gordon…

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Table of Contents:

Justice and Memory: How the Perceptions of Injustice at the Tokyo War Crimes Trial Impact Japanese Memories of World War II, by…

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Vol. 13
Table of Contents:

Dorian Gray a Study in Failed Individuation, by Lillian Holley (page 1)

Circular Economic Business Strategies: A…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

The Twilight of the Gods: the Norwegian Stave Church as a Representation of the Pagan End of…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

Integrin signaling differentiation in Caenorhabditis elegans by Danielle DaCrema (p.…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

Absence of ina-1 alpha integrin tail rescues rho-1 knockdown phenotypes in C. elegans by…

Top student research papers for the year, including

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker by Travis S. Williams (p.3-15)

A Force to Transform Society: The…