5.4 R The Cupola 2019-2020


5.4 R The Cupola 2019-2020


Research, Presentation of


Nicolette DeFrank “Lolita and Dolores: Reexamining Lolita in the
Age of the ‘Me-Too’ Movement”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola Award

Rachel Locke “Client Catalysts: Juba II and Cleopatra Selene as
Propagators of Roman Cultural Exchange in North Africa”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola Award

Daniel Berry “An Analysis of the Tonal and Textual Lullaby
Conventions in Alban Berg’s Atonal Opera”

Ashley Burgess “‘Perfecting’ the Human Race”

Alyssa Cole, Kennedy Johnson, Margaret McPherson,
Riley Redd, Mackenzie Regen, Sydney Shaw
“‘We Post Pictures to Prove We Are Best Friends’:
iGen Friendship Characteristics and Maintenance Strategies”

Jannis Ernst “Drunk with Power: Anti-Alcohol Policy under
the Nazis 1933-1945”

Claire Flores “US Anti-Drug Failure and Terror Funding in Afghanistan”

Danielle Forand “‘A Curse of Nonexistence’: Case Studies of
Sexuality & Power in Post-Soviet Literature”

Ashley Irving “Reentry for Parents: The Viewpoint of Practitioners”

Hannah Jackson “Martin Heidegger and the Sacred Object”

Kaylee D. Johnson “Perceptions of Criminal Recidivism in the
Christopher Newport University Community”

Megan McNutt “‘Light’ is Not a Synonym For ‘Safe’:
Light Cigarettes and Public Health in America, 1964-1980”

Rachel Morrison “Colonization Over Catholicism:
Spanish Priorities in the Conquest of Mexico”

Clara Page “The Devil’s Double: The Failed Individuation of Ivan Karamazov

Moriah Poliakoff “Raising the Question of Being in Rousseau’s Emile

Dylan Pruitt “Influence of the Music of the Spheres
Throughout the Renaissance Era”

Hunter Smith “An Analysis of Decarbonization Efforts in Iceland
and Finland”

Caitlyn Snead and Dawson Brown “In Teachers We Trust:
A Machine Learning Analysis of NYC Schools”

Kelly Timlen “The Exploration of Resiliency, Emotional Regulation, and the Passage of Time as Potential Mediating Factors on the Impact of Latent Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences and Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Early Adulthood”

Benjamin Yung “An Econometric Analysis on the Decrease in
Crime Since the 1990s
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Dr. David A. Salomon, Director
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Dr. Michaela Meyer, Academic Director
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

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