5.4 R The Cupola 2019-2020 Poster Edition


5.4 R The Cupola 2019-2020 Poster Edition


Research, Presentation of


Investigating the Impact of Storm Events on the Availability of Terrestrial Insect Prey to Mummichog, by Cade Cobbs, Emma S. Dryden, Jessical S. Thompson

Dwell Time Differs as a Function of Emotional and Social Anxiety Levels, by Kali DeBorde, Caitlyn Sullivan, Erin Mills, Brittany Rininger and Aryesha Ferozpuri

Autonomic Correlates of Mental Toughness, by Christopher Duncan

Effects of Stress on Behavioral Inhibition in Male and Female Rats Tested via Operant Touchscreen Chambers, by Sarah Goldsmith, Emery Harlan, and Susannah Garber

The Influence of the Dark Tetrad Personality Traits on Cyberbullying Behavior, by Katelyn Hark

Processing and Visualization of EEG Data Using EEGLAB, by Creid Johnson

Effect of Encoding Variability on Mnemonic Discrimination: An ERP study, by Alexis Khuu, Katherine Goida, and Natasha Woods

Does Accurate Facial Expression Recognition Influence Dwell Time?, by Katie Kozlowski, Kali DeBoard, Ayesha Ferozpuri, Karen Salazar, and Peyton Stites

Developmental improvements on the Forced-Choice Mnemonic Similarity Task in Childhood, by Nafessa Lodi

The Threshold Hypothesis: A Statistical Analysis, by Mara McFadden

Maternal Subpopulation Variances in Vaginal and Cesarean Section Delivery Methods Predicts Excell Infant Mortality of Blacks in the U.S. : Linked Birth/Infant Death Records, 2007-2016, by Leah O'Neill

Detection of Bacterial Contamination by Nitroreductase, by Ryan Saal, Zoe Stauffer, and Shreya Ganata

Intramolecular Difunctionalizations of Tethered A Minoalkenes with Hypervalent Iodine, by Sara Safford and Connor Beveridge

The Degradation of Polyethylene Trephthalate by Ideonella Sakaiensis Under Varied Conditions, by Caroline Tsui

Investigations of PETase from Ideonella Sakaiensis, a Plastic-degrading bacterium, by Noah Wallace
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The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Dr. Michaela Meyer, Academic Director
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

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