5.4 R The Cupola 2020-2021


5.4 R The Cupola 2020-2021


Research, Presentation of


Table of Contents

Allison Lyne “‘I to Live and Die Her Slave’ The True Nature
of Female Master-Servant Relations in Early Modern Tragedies”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola Award

Brooke Nixon “Diversification of Women in STEM: The Role of Grit”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola Award

Olyvia Bailey and Elizabeth Bergman “The Covid College Experience: The Effects of Covid-19 on the Life and Learning on a College Campus”

Amanda C. Banks “Pandemic Pressures: Student Experiences in
Higher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Saran Cherif and Carlie Carter “Identity, Instability and Belonging:
Experiences of First Generation College Students”

Nick DeHoust “Martin Heidegger and Daniel Rozin:
The Saving Power of Technological Art”

Emma C. Dixon “Lost in translation: Film adaptations of queer coming-of-age novels”

James F. Duffy “Authorizing Sustainability: How University
Decisions Influence Student Environmentally-Responsible
Behaviors and Sustainability Literacy”

Alexander W. Freeman “Equity Valuation Theory & Applications”

Madison Hoecker “Comparing the Effects of TGF-β Inhibitors on
Glioma Growth Through Mathematical Modeling”

Camille Kaiser “Female Friendship in Context: A Psychoanalytic-Deconstructive Reading of Female Friendship in Toni Morrison’s Sula”

Nafeesa Lodi “A Tale of Four Governors: An Analysis of Adaptive
Work and Communication Towards an Effective COVID-19 Response”

Jack Lynam and Rafael Diaz-Cruz “Named Entity Recognition for Toxic Spans Detection”

Mikaela Martinez Dettinger “The Role of Modern Technology
in Spirituality Mediated by Wilderness”

Joy Messina “The Politics of Pot: The Role of the Local Media in
Framing Attitudes about the Legalization of Marijuana in Virginia”

Zenith Nguon “Female Friendship in My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante: Creation of the Individual”

Jonah Peters “Print and Practice: 19th Century Ukiyo-e Prints and
Their Influence on Japanese Tattoo”

Joseph Rekus “Inducing Separating Equilibria as a Strategy for
Scholarship Award Distribution”

Abby Saether “A Prescription for the Dissatisfied Society: Synthesizing Ágnes Heller and Axel Honneth”

Sydney L. Smith “‘And We’re Still Talking About It’:
Redefining Black Femininity Through Female Friendship and
the Evolution of Microaggressions”

Madelyn Tatum “Psychosocial Development in Disney Music:
The Impact of Childhood Favorites”

Abigale M. Waclo “Ending Mass Incarceration: A Critical Analysis
of the Norweigan Criminal Justice System in Search of
Carceral Solutions for the United States”

Grace N. Wilson “Psychological Perspectives on Eminem’s Music:
Empowerment Themes, Music Therapy, and the Effects of Violent Music”

Vic Windt “‘Jenny, Darling, You’re My Best Friend’:
Examining Queer Female Friendships in Young Adult Literature”

Jordan Winnett “Trouble at Sea: China’s Claims in the South China Sea in Light of International Law”

Katherine Witmer “Homelessness and the Hostile Environment"
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Dr. David A. Salomon, Director
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
Dr. Michaela Meyer, Academic Director
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

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