5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 21, 2007


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 21, 2007


College students
Research, Presentation of


Research abstracts

- Universal morality is impossible
By Dean Dumwright and Jeffery Carr

- Promiscuity runs amuck: Television teen dramas influence adolescents' attitudes
By Julie Johnson and Michaela Meyer

- Pilgrimage as exile: An experience of faith
By Justin Pritchett and Kip Redick

- Apocalyptic cinema: Action adventure as apocalypse
By Justin Pritchett and Kip Redick

- Aristotle's four causes and a culture of philosophical leadership
By Justin Pritchett and Bob Colvin

- Changes in psychological literacy: From a first to second approximation
By Heather S. Hayes, Amber P. Howell and F. Samuel Bauer

- Watchtower: A service oriented sensor web framework for educational and academic purposes
By Eric Pasch, Marshall Huss and Anton Riedl

- Just following orders: The crimes and causes of non-responsibility
By Amber Wixtrom and Roberta Rosenberg

- Leaving boys behind; Analyzing the gender gap from a policy perspective
By Ashleigh Stacy and Pamela Dunning

- Sylvia Plath: An unforgiving drive for perfection
By Genevieve Conger and Roark Mulligan

- Do military dependents follow in their parents' career path?
By Brian Roller and Lee Doerries

- The Nietxschian world of the Dark Tower
By D. Brian Bunch and Roark Mulligan

- The collective unconscious and the archetype in Eastern Europe
By Cayce Canipe and Margarita Marinova

- The use of piano in wind literature
By Andrew Wells and Mark Reimer

- Fanny Fern's Ruth Hall: The epitome of romance
By Jordan Hughes and Roark Mulligan

- Feminist themes in Constance Fenimore Woolson's "Miss Grief"
By Sarah Janeski and Roark Mulligan

- Single electron transistor neural network
By Brett Johnson and Costa Gerousis

- The development of an STD knowledge scale
By Jennifer A. Vencill and Jason W. Hart

- Epistemology and psychology
By John Martin, John A. Hoaglund and George Teschner

- Maladjustment of children of alcoholics as a result of family environment
By Megan Mathis and Nicole Guajardo

- Storytelling behaviors; Dysphoria; and the fading affect bias
By Amanda Bowen, Christine Rothwell and Jeffery Gibbons

- Ambivalent attitudes: Church and state relations in Vichy France
By Lindsey Newman and Brian Puaca

- The problem of evil and a course in miracles
By Simon Blecher, Stephen Strehle, Ken Rose and George Teschner

- The natural extension of the 14th Amendment
By Sarah Torres and Lori Underwood

- Dramatic reading of Mikhail Bulgaov's "Don Quijote"
By Annie Foster, Johnny O'Maley, Chris Blake, Margarita Marinova and Scott Pollard

- The effects of storytelling on mood
By Evelyn Heineimeier, Chelsea Reid, Lindsay Cloutier, Melanie Herrington and Jeffery Gibbons

- Using the past in the present-day German classroom
By Christina Willet and Laura Deiulio

- The transformation of Braziliam society through futebol in the early 1900s
By Rachel Middleton and William F. Connell

- The gamble of pain and pleasure
By Laure Lee Eley and Margarita Marinova

- Balancing on the razor's edge
By Bradley Kraft and Andrew Falk

- The five-step program to understanding Cervantes' master plan
By Theodore D. Hellmann and Scott Pollard

- Stability scale development to determine emotional level in child witnesses
By Shelby C. Blair and Jason W. Hart

- Women's strength and power in Ivo Andric's "The Bridge on the Drina"
By Katherine Murray and Margarita Marinova

- A defense of the diversification of educational opportunities
By Juan Pablo Camacho and Joseph Prud'homme

- Children's spontaneous generation of counterfactual statements
By Lena Betts, Stacey Hammell, Jamie Keithley, Melissa Sanzi and Nicole Guajardo

- Don Quijote: The world's most charming madman
By Daniel Strange and Scott Pollard

- The language of Balkan mythologies
By Nick Huber and Margarita Marinova

- Clarifying the misconceptions of the differences between empathy and sympathy
By Matthew L. Campbell and Sherman A. Lee

- The printing press
By Alexandria Ruble and Laura Deiulio

- Martin Luther's theology
By Jeffery Mason and Laura Deiulio

- For to friendship: The Renaissance of misogyny in the Malleus Maleficarum
By Nicole Justice and Laura Deiulio

- Motivational stability model: A preventative measure for burnout
By Daniel Ryan Berry and Thomas D. Berry IV

- The keeper of the keys in Wuthering Heights
By Kira Walsh and Kara Keeling

- "Acquiring the superfluous": Pushkin and Russia's westernization
By Todd Shockley and Margarita Marinova

- Dagger in the breast: The feminist Cervantes
By Todd Shockley and Scott Pollard

- Different nations
By Chris Rice and Diana Catanzaro

- Don Quixote; Sancho Panza and the illusion of delusion
By Dianne Tharp and Scott Pollard

- Tracting new turf: LDS missionaries in former Soviet countries
By Amanda Hanson and Andrew Falk

- Luter School of Business Honor Council research on ethics
By Laura Otey, Heather Adams, Emily Cooper, Brad Anderson, Diane Medley, Michael Mull, Sally Sledge and Pam Pringle

- Do FAB; Emotions; and accuracy differ across event pleasantness and type
By Melanie Herrington and Jeffery Gibbons

- Stereotype threat and math performance in men and women
By Andrea Duffy and Diane Malaspina

- Measuring reading fluency
By Allison M. Bock and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Effects of a flexibility intervention on reading comprehension
By Allison Bock, Heather Guiffre, Elizabeth Coppage, Michael Montano and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Eyes, ears and conscience: Kurt Vonnegut and the breakdown of novel structure
By Matthew Mullin and Kara Keeling

- Existential eschatology
By Jacob Porter and Kip Redick

- Memory and personal identity
By Adam Richards, George Teschner and Jeffery Carr

- A closer look at reality television shows
By Holly Thompson and Cheryl Chambers

- Game theory applications and externalities in the oil industry
By Frank Garmon and Michelle Vachris

- Effects of self monitoring as a moderator of need for cognition
By Ashley L. Hallheimer and Thomas D. Berry IV

- Multidimensional analysis of the need for cognition scale
By Ashley L. Hallheimer, Jenifer Rutter, Shannon Cashman and Thomas D. Berry IV

- Impact of religious affiliation on attitudes toward premarital sex
By Mark R. Dysert and Marion Manton

- Fake it 'till you make it: Fashion and perceptions of social class
By Amy Richardson and Linda D. Manning

- Gender representation on the front page of the Daily Press newspaper
By Ashleigh Tullar and Linda D. Manning

- The media frenzy surrounding American weddings
By Odyssean masculinity in Vietnam: Iraq and Afghanistan conflict literature
By Amanda J. Hedrick and Tracey Schwarze

- An examination of theory of mind performance in adulthood
By Cecilia Mallory, Melissa Morris, Katie Barber, Nicole Guajardo and Thomas Berry IV

- Beisbol: La danze de unificacion cultural en el Caribe (Baseball: The dance of cultural unification in the Caribbean)
By Ben Cook and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Population growth with nonmonotinic functional response
By Erin Clark and Brian Bradie

- The influences of storytelling and depression on the fading affect bias
By Christine Rothwell, Amanda Bowen and Jeffery Gibbons

- Children's big five personality traits: Evaluation of measurement
By Kara D. Fink and Nicole Guajardo

- The impact of computer mediation of team effectiveness
By R. Eric Humphries and Thomas D. Berry IV

- Aftermath of a conquered history: American involvement in the redevelopment
By Carrie Gray and Andrew Falk

- Contrapunto de la mulatez: Cirilo Villaverde y Fernando Ortiz (Counterpoint of Mulatez: Cirilo Villaverde and Fernando Ortiz)
By Suzanne Reuter and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- The world and the Iranian nuclear program: Paying for concessions
By Matthew L. Creasy and Peter Carlson

- Religious syncretism should not be confused with conversion
By Krysta M. Johnson and George Teschner

- Anti-Communism or China: The foreign relations game played by Nixon
By Howard Maxey and Andrew Falk

- The implications of self-expression values for economic freedom
By Philip Leclerc, Katie McDonald and Michelle Vachris

- Belgian draft horses: Are they history?
By Jenna Barbee and Diane Catanzaro

- Consequences of political geography on human rights: Uganda and Tanzania
By Rebecca Graybeal and Brennan Kraxberger

- Romanticized reality within Anna Karenina and The Awakening
By Kelly Perriello and Margarita Marinova

- US dependence on foreign oil and the effect of environmental and public policy
By Barbara Bonner and Peter Carlson

- Genero e identidad Cubana en "Los reyes del mambo tocan canciones de amor" (Gender and Cuban identity in "Mambo Kings Plays Songs of Love"
By Rose Glass and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) impact on development in Kenya, Africa
By Katy Holland and Gwen Thornton

- Light and impulsivity in Siamese fighting fish
By Kim Ailstock, Anne Maurer, Katie Lamp, Molly Matthews, Aneta Leczycki and Andrew Velkey

- Factors that prohibit effective conflict resolution in Arab league states
By Mehreen Farooq and Michelle Barnello

- Gender and human relationships with the divine
By Lori M. Bickham and George Teschner

- Television addiction as seen in "Softly and consider the nearness"
By Jamie Sellers and Denise Gillman

- Israel's fight for the land
By Jeffery Pfeiffer and Geroge Teschner

- The status of Rafinesque's big-eared bat roosts in Southeastern Virginia
By Ela-Sita Carpenter and Richard E. Sherwin

- Henri Matisse's profound role and impact on David Hare's The Bay at Nice
By Annie Foster and Denise Gilman

- Confessions of an overachiever: Identity in emerging adulthood
By Sarah London and Michaela Meyer

- Alexander the Great communicator
By Ann Gowen and Jana Adamitis

- Captivated music of Louisiana State penitentiary
By Sarah Wall and Clyde Brockett

- Removal of ibuprofen from aqueous media
By Sergio Navarette, Tony Montalto and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- "You say you want a revolution": American rock music and Communist rebellion in the 1960s and 1970s
By Aaron Grant and Andrew Falk

- Gender stereotypes in current children's literature
By Karen Weaver and Cheryl Chambers

- The portrayal of intimate relationships in adolescent romantic fiction
By Allison Weaver and Cheryl Chambers

- Ethnicity and culture in proselytizing and non-proselytizing religions
By Scott Springmann, George Teschner, Stephen Strehle, Kip Redick and Kenneth Rose

- The effect of Elvis
By Sara Higgins and Andrew Falk

- How society views socially unacceptable behavior by professional athletes
By Michael Conlon and Linda Baughman

- Ernesto 'Che Guevara: Guiding lights of the Cuban revolution
By Stephen M. Lynn and William F. Connell

- The reception of British punk rock in America
By Frederick Blackburn and Andrew Falk

- Simulation of the supply chain operations using Excel spreadsheet
By Brian Rimel and Dmitriy Shaltayev

- La expansion del reggaeton puertorriqueno y su impacto en la musica estadounidense (The rise of Puerto Rico's reggaeton and the impact in music in the U. S.)
By Hunter Barlow and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Identity of a first born
By Kristen Willett and Michaela Meyer

- Becoming a Jewish American princess: From Judaism to jewelry
By Andrea Rubenstein and Linda D. Manning

- Giving back to the university
By Katie Grace and Linda Baughman

- Designing the futuristic slums of Urinetown, the musical
By Tommy Pastor, Lauren Graybiel, Rachel Beema, Julia Hughes and Lon Hurst

- To be or not to be: Suicide and heroism in Sophocles' Ajax
By Thomas Barton and Jana Adamitis

- The untold story of youth with drug-addicted parents
By Shannon Hunt and Linda D. Manning

- Las mujeres de origen africano en el Caribe (Women of African origin in the Caribbean)
By Frannie Falcon and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Kori Bustards at the National Zoo; Washington, D.C.
By Nelson Torres, Sara Hallager and Richard E. Sherwin

- Implacaciones sociales del color de piel en el Caribe (The social implications of skin color in Caribbean literature)
By Adam Hembree and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Real women have ceased to exist: A feminist interpretation of Delphine Gay de Girardin's 1840 exploration of the status of women in French society
By Ashleigh Howard and Gerogeta Georgescu

- Love and betrayal in the lays of Marie de France
By Francesca Scrosia and Georgeta Gerogescu

- Psychological novel or soap opera: Modernity of the themes of The Princess of Cleves by Madame de La Fayette
By Lauren Strack and Georgeta Gerogescu

- Is there evidence for reverse encoding specificity?
By Nathan Evans, Jacob Smeland, Kira Walsh and Jeffery Gibbons

- Service learning and the CNU community
By Christopher A. Boyce and Jean S. Filetti

- Heidegger's reformulation of intentionality through Being-in-the-World
By William Petterson and George Teschner

- Community cohesion and the AIDS epidemic in Malawi: Africa
By Ashleigh Howard and Sandford Lopater

- Green process for niobium electrochemical polishing
By Derek Loftis, Roy Crooks and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Evaluating replacement wetland success through floristic assessment
By Jacqueline D. Roquemore and Robert Atkinson

- Kubrick's heroes of the sixties
By Christopher Ball and Andrew Falk

- Brazilian abolition and aftermath
By Chris Glover and William F. Cornell

- Pirates de Caribe: entre realidad y ficcion (The pirates of the Caribbean: Between reality and fiction)
By Lourdes C. McMillan and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- Los bohemios en el romanticismo espanol decimononico y la pelicula "RENT" (The bohemian life in nineteenth century Spanish romanticism and the film "Rent")
By Susan Watkins and Benjamin Fraser

- Medea the Homeric hero
By Juliette Miller and Jana Adamitis

- Existential anxiety and mystical enlightenment
By Adam T. Claar and George Teschner

- The ethical nature and sustainability of transforming leadership
By Camilla Shelton and Anne Perkins

- An anthropocentric alternative
By David Watson and George Teschner

- Bacchae: Community and the law of balance
By Alexander Borstein and Jana Adamitis

- Language's limitations on scripture
By John Sedwick and George Teschner

- Evolution and change of WWE characters over last three decades
By Shelby C. Blair and Nigel A. Sellars

- Relationship of soil physical parameters and cattail dominance in restored wetlands
By Herman W. Hudson III, Melinda Sparks and Robert Atkinson

- Examining the relationship between tragedy and the recognition of benevolence
By Tatem Inskeep and George Teschner

- Can scent be conditioned to create a physiological sexual response
By Lindsay Noel Cloutier and Deanna Carpenter

- Bullying in schools
By Michelle Goins and Timothy Marshall

- Federal funding for embryonic findings
By Caitlin Dana and Peter Carlson

- Hugo Chavez: The effects of a failed military coup leading to political control and supposed Bolivian reform in Venezuela
By Jonathan M. Lonnquest and William F. Connell

- Accumulation and adsorption of chromate remediation using nanocomposites
By Amanda Ross and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Causal relations between US monetary and fiscal policy variable sand GDP
By Andrew Geary and George K. Zestos

- Nano-composite materials as adsorbents for ibuprofen removal from aqueous media
By Tony Montalto and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Evil and a benevolent god
By Anne Zagursky, George Teschner and Jouette Powell

- Self-sacrafice in Ajaz and Hecuba
By Brian Talbert and Jana Adamitis

- The role of music in the rise of nationalism and communism in Vietnam
By Chau Tran and Brana Mijatovic

- La mulata cubana: El sabor del Caribe (The Cuban malata: The flavor of the Caribbean)
By Michelle Walker and Beatriz Calvo-Pena

- The truth about numbers
By Melissa Medlen, Ronnie Cohen and George Zestos

- Growing from divorce
By Megan Tucker and Michaela Meyer

- Bridging the online communication gap: World of Warcraft and online community
By Megan Tucker and Melinda Baughman

- Transculturacion: El mestizaje de la cultura cubana (Transculturation: The mescegnation of CUban Culture)
By Angela Rey and Beatriz Calvo-Pena
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