5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 26, 2008


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 26, 2008


College students
Research, Presentation of


Research abstracts

- Franz Marc and und die idealisierte Natur (Franz Marc and idealized nature)
By Jennifer Johnson and Dr. Laura Deiulio

- Paula Modersohn-Becker und die Darstellung der Menschlichkeit: Entartet oder modern? (Paula Modersohn-Becker and the representation of humanity: Degenerate or modern?
By Laura Boleyn and Dr. Laura Deiulio

- George Grosz' satire im Rahman der Weimarer Kultur (George Grosz' satire in the framework of Weimar culture)
By Erin Deblois and Dr. Laura Deiulio

- Departure: Max Beckmanns Kritik an der deutschen politik (Departure: Max Beckmann's critique of German politics)
By Jessica Neff and Dr. Laura Deiulio

- Die gesellschaftskritik der neuen sachlichkeit am Beispiel von Otto Dix (The social critique of new objectivity as exemplified by Otto Dix)
By Alexandria Ruble and Dr. Laura Deiulio

- An investigation of the purpose and effectiveness of the European Union structural funds
By Jonathan Bray, Steven Redford and Dr. George Zestos

- Student attitudes and behaviors regarding honor
By Bradley Anderson, Kim Henry and Professor Pam Pringle

- A comparison of organizational philanthropy in urban and rural areas
By Patrick Crow and Professor Pam Pringle

- When course management systems fail: Student and instructor on-the-fly adaptation behaviors
By Jessica J. Andrews and Dr. Gary Bond

- Ethnic conflict and immigration in Miami
By Adam Hembree and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- John Wesley's theology of sanctification and church leadership
By Justin Pritchett, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Kip Redick

- A critique of postmodernism
By Brandon Duke, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Lori Underwood

- Anthropocentrism and the ecological crisis
By Charles Stanley, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Kip Redick

- Hegel and Vedantic Hinduism
By Sarah Torres and Dr. Teschner

- "Phantasia" in Aristotle's "De Anima"
By Katherine B. Harris, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Jeffery Carr

- Analyzing student learning of physics with the technology enhanced learning
By Christine E. Buzan and Dr. S. Rau Chaudhury

- High resolution 9722 profiler for airborne aerosol research
By Patrick T. Leong and Dr. Dali Wang

- GEp-III experiment at Jefferson Lab: Understanding the structure of the proton
By Amber Marsh, C. F. Perdisat, E. J. Brash, M. K. Jones, V. Punjabi and Dr. Edward Brash

- SANE: Spin asymmetries of the nucleons experiment
By Eric Jensen and Dr. Edward Brash

- Skaz and social criticism in Gogol and Bulgakov (On the outside looking in)
By Kelly Perriello and Dr. Margarita Marinova

- Motions of death
By Charles Nuckols and Dr. Margarita Marinova

- Daisy and the narcissistic dilemma in Ismail Kadare's "The File on H"
By Jessica Daggett and Dr. Margarita Marinova

- Staring through a broken mirror in Ismail Kadare's "The File on H"
By Amanda Davis and Dr. Margarita Marinova

- Orality vs. the written word: The influences of Albanian culture
By Katherine Brickley and Dr. Margarita Marinova

- The Japanese tea house in Virginia
By Jordan Taylor and Dr. Hamilton

- Researching CNU: A changing mission under President Trible
By Hunter Snellings and Dr. Phillip Hamilton

- Student understanding and perceptions of the CNU Honor Code
By Katie Johnston and Dr. Nate French

- Male self-disclosure
By Colleen Harkins and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- How Evangelical Christian college students manage their religious identity
By Julie M. Johnson and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- News media study: The economist
By Jamie Carr and Dr. Brennan Kraxberger

- Africa: Through the eyes of the New York Times
By Brittany Benson and Dr. Brennan Kraxberger

- Ensuring compliance: Libya and the dangers of weapons verification
By Andrew Hans Berglund and Dr. Nathan Busch

- The connection between human rights and the environment
By Elyse Thomas and Dr. Kempin Reuter

- Pursuing the good community through art
By Brittany Payton and Dr. Quentin Kidd

- Communication in the college classroom
By Ashley Miller and Mr. Michaele Meyer

- Network neutrality is awesome
By Bekah Garton, Aaron Martin and Dr. Nate French

- Relationship maintenance of emerging adult long distance relationships
By Audra Rowton and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Communication: The success of prison education
By Christina Jaeger and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Project lifesaver provides an ounce of hope
By Ruth Nagle and Dr. Jean Filetti

- Filmer l'espace marginal dans La Haine et La Vie revee des anges (Spaces of marginality in hate the the dreamlife of angels)
By Andrea Copsey and Dr. Steven Spaulding

- Diva et le cinema postmoderne francais (Diva and postmodern French cinema)
By Jennifer Whitlock and Dr. Steven Spaulding

- A la recherche de la guerre perdue, ou comment recuperer la memorie dans un long dimanche de fiancailles (In search of the Lost War, or recovering from memory in a very long engagement)
By Alex Harrington and Dr. Stephen Spaulding

- Debussy: Le musicien classique qui ose etre different (Debussy: The classical musician who dares to be different)
By Andrea Ferrer, Dr. Georgeta Georgescu and Dr. Susan St. Onge

- La Vie a l'extreme: L'influence d'Arthur Rimbaud et de Renee Vivien (Life to the extreme: The influences of Arthur Rimbaud and Renee Vivien on the literature of the twentieth century
By Sarah Janeski, Dr. Georgeta Georgescu and Dr. Susan St. Onge

- Simone de Beauvoir ou l'interrogation sur le role de la femme (Simone de Beauvoir or the interrogation on the role of women)
By Alaina Copsey, Dr. Georgeta Georgescu and Dr. Susan St. Onge

- The guns that pride called out: War myth and torture in the western
By Matthew Mullin and Dr. Nigel Sellars

- Adam's rib and the construction of gender
By Amy Weeks and Dr. Irene Grau

- A violent exposure of Snow White
By Jessica Johnson and Dr. Linda Manning

- Modern women and the Disney Princess's happily ever after motif
By Clare Brown and Dr. Michaela D.E. Meyer

- Herbert con Karjan: A notorious legend
By Amy Katherine Bopp and Dr. Lauren Fowler

- The vicarious role of Arnold Schoenberg on Thelonious Monk and jazz
By William Hanson and Dr. Brockett

- A doorway from the Old Russia to the new: The songs of Sergei Rachmaninoff
By Erin Plisco and Dr. Rachel Holland

- World music ensembles: Balancing improvisation, institution and the other
By Jonathan Hull and Dr. Shiladitya Chaudhury

- Everyone's doing it
By Michael D. Burnett and Dr. John Thompson

- Desiring authentic redemption: Christ as the only redeemer for African tribes
By Christina Jaeger and Dr. Teschner

- The intersection of religion and gender: Comparing female roles in Hinduism
By Meredith Forbes and Dr. Joseph Prud'homme

- The construction of the feminine in folklore from the Lost Celtic regions
By Nicole Elizabeth Justice-Kleemann and Dr. Mai Lan Gustafsson

- Tracing Celtic and Indian otherworld descriptions to the Arthurian romances
By Elizabeth Beck and Dr. Terry Lee

- Europe through the eyes of American authors in the nineteenth century
By Frank Garmon and Dr. Andrew Falk

- The axis cartoons: American propaganda in World War I
By Danesha Langley and Dr. Andrew Falk

- American music's impact on Czech culture in the pre-Velvet Revolution era
By Brittany Shepherd and Dr. Andrew Falk

- Reunified Germany: Effect of "Die Wende" on East German women
By Alexandria Ruble and Dr. Brian Puaca

- Education in reunified Germany
By Sarah Linden-Brooks and Dr. Brian Puaca

- Electrochemical deposition of niobium film over copper
By Derek Loftes and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Using nanoporous materials for drug delivery
By Lawrence A. Montalto, Sergio Navarette and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Cobalt and chromium removal form aqueous solutions using various absorbents
By Sergio Navarette, Tony Montalto and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- WIGEON: Overview of wetland restoration
By Kenton Buck, Sarah Firth, Erin Bradshaw, David Jennings and Dr. Gary Whiting

- Moist-soil impoundment design using GIS
By Erin Bradshaw, Dr. Gary Whiting and David Jennings

- Was Ptolemaic Alexandrian a Utopia?
By Michael Sullivan and Linda Gordon

- Sensual themes of passion and destruction in Vergil's Aeneid 2.1-249
By Colleen Parker and Dr. Jana Adamitis

- The interpretations of Sappho 2 in Horace and Catullus
By Brian Talbert and Dr. Jana Adamitis

- Catullus' coming of age in Catullus 76
By Laura Houghton and Dr. Jana Adamitis

- Horace's odes 1.3: A praise for Vergil
By Thomas Barton and Dr. Jana Adamitis

- How women experienced the American Revolution
By Emily Martin and Dr. Shuck-Hall

- Insane asylums and the oppression of women in 19th century America
By Rachel Conley and Dr. Shuck-Hall

- The role women played in the Salem Witch Trials
By Margaret Forrest and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- Elizabethan films and the larger ramifications of historical fiction films
By Samantha Wessel and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- Early American Jewish diaspora
By Richard Maurer and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- El tratado de libre comercio entre Centroamerica y Estado Unidos: Ventajas y desventajas para Costa Rica (The Central American free trade agreement with the United States: Advantages and disadvantages for Costa Rica)
By Sarah Merchant and Dr. Elaine Miller

- Una creacion de bunculos entre poema u cancion en Panama (Drawing a link between poem and song in Panama)
By Aaron Miller and Dr. Miller

- Gabriela Mistral: El otro lado del espejo (The other side of the mirror)
By Mia Johnson and Dr. Elaine Miller

- Borges y las realidades de Argentina (Borges and the realities of Argentina)
By Jamie Alexis Gierber and Dr. Elaine Miller

- Krausismo y institucion libre de ensenanza en Espana (Krausism and the Spanish liberal education system
By Christina Willett and Dr. Benjamin Fraser

- Trail magic
By Kevin Crowley and Dr. Kip Redick

- An analysis of developing appreciation through sacrafice while hiking the Appalachian trail
By Rob Dufour and Dr. Kip Redick

- Tribal trails
By Andrew Sakach and Dr. Kip Redick

- Science vs. religion and the humanity of the trail
By Matt Dunlap and Dr. Kip Redick

- An investment analysis of the major diversified food industry
By Amy Weeks, Dr. Thomas Hall, Andrew Brandt, Mike Fay, Erik Wellumson and Jessica Foster

- Development through investing in women's resources
By Amber Kazlauskas and Dr. Travis Taylor

- Institutions of economic freedom and the relation to survival versus self-expression cultures
By Patricia Hoen and Dr. Michelle Vachris

- The dollar/euro exchange rate determination
By Robert Grace, Kevin Cooksey and Dr. George Zestos

- White collar crime and corporate ethics
By Michael C. Mull and Dr. Patrick Walker

- Interelationships among theory of mind measures in adulthood
By Markeia Young, William King, Nicole Lober, Dr. Nicole Guajardo and Dr. Thomas Berry IV

- The effect of age, outcome valence and expectancy violation on spontaneous conterfacutal production in children
By Lena Betta, Jamie Keithley, Erica Otter and Dr. Nicole Guajardo

- Occupational inheritance of individuals pursuing careers in education as predicted by structural family theory
By Brian Roller and Dr. Lee Doerries

- Professional fraternities and CNU
By Mark Wagner and Sean M. Heuvel

- Cultural exchange during the American occupation of Japan
By Kelly Esch and Dr. Andrew Falk

- The american occupation of Japan after World War 2
By Nathan Adkins and Dr. Andrew Falk

- How American involvement in Lebanon altered mideast relations, 1975-1989
By Andrew Carr and Dr. Andrew Falk

- Befriending a dictator: United States and President Marcos
By Therese del Castillo and Dr. Andrew J. Falk

- Horses in the Great Plains
By Jenna Barbee and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- The cultural and social development of dueling in the south
By Kyle Kaufman and Dr. Shuck-Hall

- The impact of the Civil War on the Vest family of Chesterfield Country
By Justin Richter and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- Privateering during the American Revolution: A sociocultural phenomenon
By Jennifer Malonson and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- The southeastern natives and war in 1700's America
By Jay McDonnell and Dr. Sheri Shuck-Hall

- Reading rituals and the development of self concept in kindergarten children
By Lindsay A. Williams and Dr. Linda Manning

- Rhetoric and metaphor in McKnight v. State of South Carolina
By Jessica Bargar and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Family dynamics: How families cope with childhood cancer
By Laura Errington and Dr. Linda Manning

- Effects of homogeneous leveling on literature on secondary school
By Amy Leineweber and Dr. Marsha Sprague

- Play therapy: A child's weekly fifty minute departure from Dystopia
By Christina (Christy) Fox and Professor Linda Gordon

- The construction of culture by the narrator in Grey's Anatomy
By Jacki LeClair, Lauren McGehee, Jessica Schach and Dr. Linda Manning

- The transition of a pirate's effect on geography to economy
By James Hosack and Professor Imogene Bunch

- American equality: Liberty for all?
By Amber Wixtrom Dr. Roberta Rosenberg

- The limits of liberty in early American literature
By Camilla Shelton and Dr. Rosenberg

- The nature of God: America's first three centuries
By Marcia-Veronica Banks and Dr. Roberta Rosenberg

- Cuba: Un pais moderno con tu toque tropical (Cuba: A modern country with a tropical twist
By Sarah Janeski and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Perfil general de Guatemala (Country profile on Guatemala)
By Benjamin Burnheimer, Amanda Rocamontes and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Costa Rica: La tierra de los ticos (Costa Rica)
By Chris Young, Erica Otter, Colleen Kramar and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Uruguay, informacion general u comercial (A regional report of Uruguay as a business location)
By Lauren Boyd, Allie Pettigrew and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Vengan a conocer Chile (Chile)
By Luisa Maraboli, Caroline Hallum, Brian Trejo and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- La republica del Peru (The Republic of Peru)
By Shannon Hopper, Conlan Dwyer and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Espana todavia es differente! (Spain still is different)
By Dorian Wright, Lourdes C. McMillan and Dr. Danielle Velardi

- Social attitudes towards beer survey
By Brian Comer and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- Drinking age in Belgium
By Joellen Galotti and Dr. Catanzaro

- The history and cultural influences of Belgian food
By Matthew Beasley and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- Small but mighty: Protecting Jews from the Nazis
By Louisa Andrusko and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- The Democracy in compulsory voting
By Amy Fallah and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- The German influence
By Ryan Saller and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- Architecture in Belgium: Gothic architecture and its influences
By Andrea Roehrs and Dr. Diane Catanzaro

- Artemisia Gentileschi: Rape, ritual and recognition
By Rebecca Howard and Dr. Michelle Erhardt

- pirARTe
By Dolores Kuchina-Musina and Professor Imogene Bunch

- Ritual in the Meso-American ballgame
By Ryan Stromfors and Dr. Elizabeth Moran

- Edvard Munch's ritual for release
By Laura Hemleben and Dr. Moran

- Allan Houser's leadership through art
By Camilla Shelton and Dr. Anne Perkins

- Predestination and free will
By Evelyn Way and Dr. George Teschner

- Religion as a solution to anxiety
By Bryan Trumble, Dr. George Teschner, Dr. Graham Schweig, Dr. Kip Redick and Dr. Dawn Hutchinson

- The role of interpretation in judgments of good and evil
By Elizabeth Rhein, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Dawn Hutchinson

- How theocracies limit intellectual though more than authoritarian states
By Christopher Jay Carter and Dr. George Teschner

- Doubt and the meaningful life
By Jason Parham, Dr. George Teschner and Dr. Jeff Carr

- The effects of the United States culture on female body image
By Erin Supko and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Got milk? A look the the creation of gender through advertisements
By Savannah Johnson and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Television's role in image-making in Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign
By Jeff Caras and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- The ultimate "stereotypical" mother
By Emilie Hogue and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Claire Huxtable: A representation of black feminism
By Stephanie M. Greene and Dr. Nate French

- The Colder War: The 1959 Moscow World's Fair
By Michael Evans and Dr. Andrew Falk

- The portrayal of Russians in American films as "Good Guys" in the Cold War
By Gregory Hudson and Dr. Eric Duskin

- American indecision and intervention in the Russian Civil War
By Christopher Ball and Dr. Eric Duskin

- America's Cold War interests in Turkey
By Kathryn Dolan and Dr. Andrew Falk

- Myth of the "Evil Empire": A cultural analysis of Russia
By Stuart Farrand and Dr. Anne Perkins

- Exercise and caffeine combine to affect cognitive performance
By Stacey Foshee and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- The influence of gender bias in the recall of character roles
By Chelsea Reid, Evelyn Heinemeier, Stephen Knoll and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- The relation of storytelling behaviors and mode of communication to mood
By Evelyn Heinemeier, Chelsea Reid, Stephen Knoll and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- Do music and social support affect depression in college students?
By Jennifer Gambie and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- Does alcohol consumption moderate the fading affect bias?
By Christine Rothwell, Amanda Bowen, Nathaniel Mack and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- The effects of exercise and caffeine on anxiety in college students
By Sarah White and Dr. Gibbons

- Help for a globally threatened ecosystem: When service aids research
By Jacqueline D. Roquemore, J. Campo, K. Sweet, D. Poovey, Dr. Robert Atkinson

- Wetland compensation success: Are graminoids being considered?
By Brittay Chilton, Jackie Roquemore and Dr. Robert B. Atkinson

- Tree establishment in a newly restored forested wetland in Virginia
By Jeff Meador and Dr. Robert Atkinson

- Early assessment of a potential wetland restoration site in Matthews, VA
By Krista Sweet, Herman W. Hudson III and Dr. Robert Atkinson

- Analysis of species richness and floristic quality in restored wetlands
By Jessica M. Campo and Robert B. Atkinson

- Restoration of forested wetlands: The importance of colonization
By Stephanie Hurley and Dr. Robert B. Atkinson

- Investigations into vegetative propagation of the native shrub symplocos tinctoria (L.) L'Her
By Dana Reynolds and Dr. Linda MK Johnson

- The best practices of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic refugee camps
By Ashley Kurpiel and Dr. Carolyn Erison

- Can a camp experience build resiliency in disadvantaged youth?
By S. Elizabeth Overall and Dr. Carolyn Ericson

- Relationship of family dinner and children's social outcomes
By Shanna McLaughlin and Dr. Marshall

- A comparison of the cognitive profiles of good and poor comprehenders
By Elizabeth A. Coppage, Erin R. Lewis, Alex Birk, Kathleen Scarano, Michelle Van Duursen and Dr. Kelly B. Cartwright

- Response error and inverse causal ordering in cross-sectional data
By Allie Pettigrew and Dr. Gary Green

- A proposal to quantify bubble nesting with computerized image analysis
By Brian Roller and Dr. Andrew Velkey

- Light and impulsivity in Siamese Fighting Fish
By Whitney Arnold, Kathryn Lamp, Kimberly Ailstock, Becky George and Dr. Andrew Velkey

- A general insect sampling of Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve
By Alex Blan and Dr. Michaela Meyer

- Examining factors influencing political participation among cohorts
By Erin Phillips and Dr. John Camobreco

- Comparison of performance on general; graphonological-semantic; and sema
By Jerrica Nichols, Michelle Van Duursen, Kristen Osius, Elizabeth Coppage and Dr. Kelly B. Cartwright

- A comparison of upwelling indices using blended winds and pressure fields
By Catherine Lavagnino, George Cortina, Derek Loftis, Andrew Havens, Laura Lynaugh, Cody Bowers and Amber Richards

- Designing a visitor-friendly campus arboretum website
By Kenton Buck, Megan Hudson, Abigail Thomas, W. Tyler Warren and Linda M.K. Johnson

- Synthesis and characterization of some nanomaterials
By Sarah Tipton, Lenora Harper and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Persistence hunting and endurance running's role in evolved behavior patterns
By Daniel Berry and Dr. Thomas Berry

- Fabrication of solar cells using hybrid nanostructural inorganic/organic matter
By Sri Sabarinadh Sunkavillil, Dr. Gon Namkoong, and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Psychology of feet: How body image and self esteem relate to style choices
By Kristina M. Owens and Dr. Thomas D. Berry

- Theoretical approach to altruism as a function of exposure and learning
By Christopher R. Rice and Dr. Thomas D. Berry

- Synthesis and characterization silver nanorods using anodic oxide
By Sampath Chennuri, Dr. Gon Namkoong and Dr. Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- The relation between theory of mind and personality in adulthood
By Katie Barber, Kristy Owens, Dr. Nicole Guajardo and Dr. Thomas D. Berry IV

- Reliability and validity of a phonemic awareness measure for adults
By Kathleen Scarano, Laura Strube, Jackie Kelly, Krystal Dunaway, Sarah Kern and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Power management in wireless sensor networks
By Brian Jump and Dr. Anton Riedl

- WIGEON: Seed-bank analysis and germination techniques for wetland creation
By K. Buck, K. Gessner, S. Snowalter, S. Firth, N. Budd, David Jennings, Erin Bradshaw and Dr. Gary Whiting
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