5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 22, 2006


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 22, 2006


College students
Research, Presentation of


Conference program:

- Definition of unfaithful behavior in personal relationships
By Patricia Ahn and Michael Lewis

- Transvaluation in Nietzsche and Taoism
By Jaclyn Trono and George Teschner

- Reducing uncertainty in order to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people
By Cody Zimmerman and Vernon Harper

- Socialization of home schooled children: Explored through uncertainty reduction theory
By Crystal Hamlett

- "I DO" But I don't know why
By Julie Brubach and Linda Baughman

- Vampires in propaganda and film in Weimar and Nazi Germany
By Jessica Bargar and Shannon Rowley

- Positive permanency: Connection for American society through functionalism in the wonder years
By Kimberly E. Davis and Vernon Harper

- Social and emotional factors related to students' success
By Jennifer Vencill and Diane Malaspina

- Uncertainty reduction in patient-physician intercultural communication
By Rebecca McClelland and Vernon Harper

- Small business institute business research project dish works
By Karl Hedlund, Felissa Jeter and Stephanie Bardwell

- Real estate sales; Practice and preference reproducing existing social arrangements
By Anthony Reyes and Michael Lewis

- Sedimentation rate from high development areas of Lake Maury
By Preston Burke, Jonathan Short and Gary Whiting

- Towards more robust and efficient design and simulation of digital circuits in single-electron transistor technology
By Arthur Thomas Grepiotis and Costa Gerousis

- The Malleus Maleficarum's dissemination of misogyny throughout European society
By Nicole Elizabeth Justice and Beth Kreydatus

- Return to Ulysses: A photo documentary
By Megan H.L. Tucker and Tracey Schwarze

- Emotional effects and youth violence
By Jessica Green and Michael Lewis

- Generating functions for the powers of fubinacci numbers
By Dylan P. Terrana and Hongwei Chen

- Reconstructing tracks in the forward drift chambers of the Glue X detector
By Craig Bookwalter and Edward Brash

- The relationship of individual beliefs and perceptions of democracy: An analysis of European and world values surveys
By Jennifer Walle and Peter M. Carlson

- Differences in auditory and visual working memory
By Heidi Jo South, Jamiee Keithley and Stacy Rilea

- A preliminary meta-analysis concerning the effects of violence and alcohol treatment on intimate partner aggression
By Shannon E. Cashman, Meaghan Null and Thomas D. Berry

- Aggression and sex: College students' preference for humor
By Ashley L. Hallheimer, Elise Campbell, Jen Rutter and Thomas D. Berry

- Reminders of mortality and death and anxiety in college students
By Ashley L. Hallheimer, Jen Rutter, Elise Campbell and Thomas D. Berry

- The vampire as a metaphor for seduction in Dracula and "Carmilla"
By Erin Phillips and Sharon Rowley

- Conflicting values: Saving the wilderness on public park land
By Justin Pritchett and Kip Redick

- The evolution of public land use in the national parks: A case study of Mount Rainier National Park
By Justin Throupe and Kip Redick

- Imitation, creativity, and the ethics of recreational land preservation
By Chad Hill and Kip Redick

- Exploring present attitudes of college students regarding extra-relational affairs
By Lynanne Hodges and Michael Lewis

- The reconstruction of Australian aboriginal communities
By Lynanne Hodges and Joseph Healey

- Christian hedonism
By Richlyn S. Ketterman, Kip Redick and George A. Teschner

- American military Status of Forces Agreement (SOFAs) and foreign relations with host nations
By Braden Harrison and Peter M. Carlson

- The effect of parental modeling on perceptions and actions regarding hand washing and hygiene behaviors
By Elise Kari Campbell and Thomas D. Berry

- Is it really possible to improve the preparation for and the response to natural disasters, such as hurricanes?
By Jonathan F. Judkins and Peter Carlson

- The constitutionality of detaining suspected terrorists under the USA PATRIOT ACT
By Kristen R. Murry and Peter M. Carlson

- Reforms to the American with Disability Act: Protect the people that are left behind
By Michelle Poindexter and Peter M. Carlson

- The international fight over ICANN
By Rebecca Casey and Peter Carlson

- The effects of the inefficiency of the Virginia Department of Transportation on the Hampton Roads area
By Tiffany Slaughter and Peter Carlson

- The effects of high-stakes in the classroom
By Chris Walick and Diane Malaspina

- A study of age and its effect on marital satisfaction
By Meagan M. Boyd and Michael Lewis

- The relation between job satisfaction and commitment: A meta-analysis
By L. Shea Barksdale and Thomas D. Berry

- Let's talk family vacations
Buy Ariel Wallingsford and T. Nathaniel French

- The representation of the Olympic games
By Caitlin O'Brien and Linda Baughman

- Sex differences in first and second grade children's book choices
By Heather Guiffre, Lindsay Martenak, Jennifer Frederick and Kelly B. Cartwright

- An examination of gender differences in leadership of computer-mediated and face-to-face work groups
By Meaghan Null, David C. Karmolinski, Shannon E. Cashman, L. Shea Barksdale and Thomas D. Berry

- Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? An examination of the changing roles of canis lupus in selected fairy tales from the Grimms to Scieszka
By Amanda Davis and Dr. Alicia Carter

- Developing oral expression in French through songs
By Natalie Schoenbrot and Georgeta Georgescu

- Applying commercial XML firewall technology in multinational military networks
By Marshall Huss and Anton Riedl

- Elie Wiesel's identity and the Holocaust
By Emily Noa Useem and Jean Filetti

- Trade and GDP growth: The cases of the United States and Canada
By Angela Shin and George Zestos

- The effects of father absence on social and emotional issues as an adult
By Anna Richter and Timothy Marshall

- An analysis of housing choices on a college campus
By Justin M. Yates and Michael Lewis

- Voluntary cooperation
By Nicoll Knudsen and George Teschner

- The effect of nonylphenol on spatial memory in Betta splendens
By Kristina Potter and Andrew Velkey

- Morality without religion
By Russ Mitchell, George Teschner, Richard Beauchamp and John Hoaglund

- Designing scenery for The Pragmatists, visionary playwright Stanislaw I. Witkiewicz's early attempt to bring to life his theatrical theory of Pure Form, in which a work's formal elements take aesthetic precedence over its narrative content
By Sam Shelton and George Hillow

- Freedom and determination
By Amir Sabry and George Teschner

- Portia's role as a woman
By Danielle Hartman and Denise Gillman

- The importance of similarity in interpersonal attraction
By Amanda LaGesse and Dr. Michael Lewis

- The changing roles of women in Dracula
By Kayleigh Hearn and Sharon Rowley

- 4-Nonylphenol (C15-H24-O) decreases the maintenance of bubble-nests in male Siamese fighting fish
By Heather Sutton, Molly Matthews, Aneta Leczycki, Rebecca McGowan, Tarek Abdul-Fattah and Andrew Velkey

- Popular vampirism as a sociological window
By Phillip Leclerc and Sharon Rowley

- Broadening textual horizons
By Thomas J. Carrico, Jr. and George Teschner

- Breaking the code: The enigma of Alan Turing
By Annie Ferenbach and Denise Gillman

- Bridezilla: Rotten with perfection
By Tyler FitzHugh and T. Nathaniel French

- Theory of mind development in friendships and romantic relationships: Attribution style and intimacy
By Jessica Parker, Jenny Christman and Nicole Guajardo

- Justification by faith as seen in Christianity
By Rachel Noel, George Teschner, Kip Redick, Jouette Powell and Stephan Strehle

- Tracing the literary evolution of the vampire
By Theodore D. Hellmann and Sharon Rowley

- Reactions to gendered fast food advertisements
By Emily Seamon and Linda Baughman

- Quantitative research, values, and leadership study
By Justin Pritchett and Robert E. Colvin

- Vlad-Dracula and the fear of the other
By Cayce Leigh Canipe and Sharon Rowley

- The revolution via cinema
By Sandra Short and Georgeta Georgescu

- The impact of Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda's life on her poetry
By Mandy Thomson and Elaine Miller

- The contribution of cognitive flexibility to reading fluency in university students
By Allison M. Bock, Michael Montano, Marisa C. Issac and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Negative campaigning in Presidential elections: An examination of television commercials 1952-2004
By Sabrina Carlson and Pamela Dunning

- Esoteric view of religion
By Lauren Crovato and George Teschner

- Gender trouble: The implications of androgyny in Euripides' Iphigeneia in Tauris
By Kate Armstrong and Jana Adamitis

- The role of aggression and hostility in ice hockey
By Jason Funkhouser and Diane Catanzaro

- A comparison of tree ring width in Atlantic White Cedar from an intermediate stand in Alligator River Wildlife Refuge to climate data and intermediate stand in Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
By Amber Bradshaw, Erin M. Bradshaw, Amy M. Seim and Robert B. Atkinson

- Comparison of tree rings of Atlantic White cedar in Great Dismal Swamp National wildlife refuge, with climate data and other tree ring data from cedar stands in Great Dismal Swamp and Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
By Erin M. Bradshaw, Amber D. Bradshaw, Amy M. Seim and Robert B. Atkinson

- Wetland restoration design and marketing for 1678 acre Carolina Bay located in North Carolina
By Herman W. Husdon III and Robert Atkinson

- Wireless sensor networks
By Joseph R. Meyers, Raouf Selim and Anton Riedl

- The temperamental theory of leadership as noted within the master electrician position
By Sarah K. Smith and Tanya Sweet

- Associations between parents' mental state references and children's social-cognitive development
By Jennifer Christman, Markeia Young and Nicole Guajardo

- Children's mental state references as predictors of social-cognitive development
By Melissa Morris, Lena Betts, Cecilia Mallory and Nicole Guajardo

- The blending of senses
By Melissa Rosser and Sanford Lopater

- The health belief model, adherence issues and condom negotiation
By Allison Drew and Sanford Lopater

- Speech enhancement for people with cerebral palsy using adaptive filtering techniques
By Paul Hogge and Gihan Mandour

- An exploratory study examining the utilization of emergency room services as primary health care in rural southwest Virginia
By Krystal Deitz, Amelia Long, Teresa Gardner and Gwen Thornton

- Shutout: The invisible female athlete
By Meredith A. Schmidt and T. Nathaniel French

- Graduation rates
By Katie Stilwell and Michael Lewis

- Storytelling behaviors are related to the fading affect bias
By Amanda Bowen, Kelly Allan, Michelle Gerth and Jeffery Gibbons

- Assessing qualities that lead to a satisfying marital relationship
By Jeff Bell and Michael Lewis

- Eroticism, poetry, and power in Horace, Odes 1.13
By Melissa D. Baird and Jana Admitis

- The effect of elevated CO2 on CH4 emission from Sagittaria graminea graminea Michx.
By Rachel E. Schroeder and Gary Whiting

- The incorporation of jazz harmonies within the sacred setting of Francis Poulenc's Gloria
By Scott Bumbaugh and Lauren Fowler

- Math anxiety and math performance in men and women
By Andrea Duffy, Heidi South and Stacy Rilea

- The nature of consciousness
By Anthony Basso, George Teschner and Lori Underwood

- A dynamic characterization: Niel's changes
By Chrystal Trapani and Roark Mulligan

- The African American female's view of body image as discussed on reality TV, America's Next Top Model
By Cathryn Evans and Linda Baughman

- An investigation of war music in America and Vietnam ca. 1965-1975
By Chau Tran, Keith Koster and Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

- Christian justification
By Chris Norman, Jouette L. Powell and George Teschner

- The effectiveness of pre-kindergarten programs
By Christina Williams and Timothy Marshall

- Morality and medical research
By Craig Whisehunt and Lori Underwood

- Television: Do you know the effects it has on you child?
By Gina Sanchez and Timothy Marshall

- A picture is worth a gazillion - billion - million dollars: A qualitative content analysis of information bias as a marketing tool in the media
By James Ross Cantrell and Linda M. Waldron

- Contour mapping of Lake Maury
By Jonathan Short, Preston Burke and Gary Whiting

- Joyce on marriage: The critique of an institution in Dubliners and Ulysses
By John Pritchett and Tracey Schwarz

- Understanding the US demand for oil through importing
By Kelli McGeorge, Michael Kim, Lillian Ziehl and Geroge Zestos

- Modeling the collapse of a stellar structure into a naturally formed spiral galaxy
By Kristopher Bauer and John Hardie

- Different levels of task complexity affecting estimates of task completion times in novices, intermediates and experts
By Laura J. Smith, Andrew J. Velkey and Paul J. Feltovich

- Using reaction time to reduce false alarms in a recognition task
By Lindsay Cloutier, Melanie Herrington and Jeffery Gibbons

- Gender stereotypes in children's literature
By Lindsay Martenak, Kelly B. Cartwright and Timothy Marshall

- All modern war is unjust
By Marlana D. Anderson, Lori Underwood and George Teschner

- Narratology in primal and modern technological societies
By Molly O'Neill, George Teschner, Kip Redick and Marcus Griffin

- Empress Matilda and Queen Emma influenced their children's accession to England's throne
By Natasha McKeller and Gwen Meredith

- Dendrology of bald Cypress in a naturally-formed lake in Virginia
By Nathan T. Evans and Robert B. Atkinson

- Brand identity and international success at the coca cola company
By Sarah Zoric and T. Nathaniel French

- An analysis of key terms in introductory psychology textbooks
By Sean Atwood and F. Samuel Bauer

- The watermen of Chesapeake Bay
By Laura Wright and Nigel Sellars

- The Sub-culture of black cinema, 1914-1939
By Melanie Brient and Nigel Sellars

- Rumors destroy lives: the Hollywood blacklist
By Erin M. Koch and Nigel Sellars

- Arthur Maier Schlesinger, Sr., Historian
By Elizabeth J. Tuttle and Nigel Sellars

- Defending the bomb: American justification of Hiroshima in popular culture
By Jeff Cooper and Nigel Sellars

- Removal of chromium (III) ions from Aqueous Media
By Sergio Navarette and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Removal of cobalt ions from Aqueous Media
By Lawrence Montalto and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Forsaking the fluff: Willa Cather transitions from Jamesian narration to modern style and character usage fashioned after Russian literary giant Ivan Turgenev and others
By Ian Sass-Basedow and Roark Mulligan

- The pioneer/business woman
By Kim Davis and Roark Mulligan

- An analysis of the suicides in "My Antonia" and "Paul's Case"
By Natasha McKellar and Roark Mulligan

- Cather's rejection of heterosexuality
By Daniel Strange and Roard Mulligan

- Willa Cather's love pains
By Paige Mankin and Roark Mulligan

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