5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 9, 2005


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 9, 2005


College students
Research, Presentation of


Conference program

- Workplace environment influence on productivity and satisfaction
By Andrea C. Kissell and Thomas D. Berry

- Examining the relationship between procedural justice and third party fairness perceptions when in-group membership is perceived
By Tristan Johnson and Jeffery A. Gibbons

- The psychology of gender inequality
By Kathleen Phillips and Stacy Rilea

- SBI/The real breadshop
By Ovelisse Medina and Stephanie Bardwell

- Agents of political socialization translated into political action
By Kevin Orchison and Peter Carlson

- Spi in the sky-Thaddeus Lowe and the United States Balloon Corps
By Hillary Turner and Phillip Hamilton

- Factors effecting tree ring width in Atlantic white cedar within refuges of the Mid-Atlantic region
By Shana D. Merry, Amy M. Seim and Robert. B. Atkinson

- XML web services in an academic environment
By Marshall Huss, Tony Oswald, Stephen Landolt and Anton Riedl

- Using GIS to analyze the activity distribution of bottlenose dolphins along the Elizabeth and lower James Rivers
By Edwin Strange, Jennifer Sandoval, Kevin Foss and James Reed

- The controversies surrounding the 2000 presidential election
By Carissa Faulkner and Lori Underwood

- Samkhya, artificial intelligence and the Imitation-Duplication problem
By Phillip Prince, George Teschner and Lori Underwood

- Christian Theology in the Matrix trilogy
By Dustin Wyatt, George Teschner and Kip Redick

- Interfaith dialogue and pluralism
By Ryan L. Williams, Graham Schweig, Kenneth Rose, Kip Redick and George Teschner

- The wilderness experience is an encounter with the Holy
By Matthew W. Humphrey, George Teschner and George Redick

- The image of Kali
By Emily Barnhill, Graham Schweig and George Teschner

- Rock's broken promise
By Russell Roles and Linda Baughman

- A look at gender differences in communication through comedy
By Jonelle Hanson and Linda Manning

- Hemispheric processing of exocentric and endocentric rotations
By Kristin Garrett, Stephanie Kimbrough, Kelly Morgan, Heidi South, Andrea Duffy and Stacy Rilea

- The experience of a consulting internship
By Shelley Rusnak, Andrea Kissell and Thomas D. Berry

- Reiterative synopses lead to encoding specificity in newspaper headlines but interfere with recognition in tabloid headlines
By Jacob Smeland, Kira Walsh, Cameron Smith, Richard Walker and Jeffery Gibbons

- Shifting gears: The journey of a wholesaler to retailer
By Lisa Napier, Brian Hollowell, Scott Shields, Brian Link, Sophia Chen and Stephanie Bardwell

- Correcting a fundamental flaw of leadership study
By Jordan Maroon and Bob Colvin

- The path to Republican victory in the 1860 election
By Timothy N. Barnes and Phillip Hamilton

- Response of red maple to altered hydroperiods in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
By Amy M. Seim, Shana D. Merry and Robert B. Atkinson

- A study into the effectiveness of IPSec and its practical applications in the internet
By Mike Ruffing, Peter Foytik, Doug Farley, David Ball and Anton Riedl

- Strategies of poststructuralism in contemporary visual art
By Matthew Alexander Crim and George Teschner

- Why the beatings of Rodney King were a violation of his civil liberties
By Allan Curtis Morgan, III and Lori Underwood

- The use of "personal sanctuary" in Penguin Blues and Song of Solomon
By Amy Jo Martin and Denise Gilman

- "What's to say about Malvolio?"
By Thomas Fellers and Douglas Gordon

- The mythical construction of the "Curse of Bambino" narrative
By Allison Burr-Miller and Linda Baughman

- Kickin' identity: The construction of identity in female, youth soccer players
By Jessica Kotula and Michaela D. E. Meyer

- Greeting cards influence on gender
By Caitlin Austin and Linda Manning

- The effects of reading instructional method and teachers' beliefs about reading on children's reading comprehension scores
By Marisa Isaac and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Assessing the effect of light exposure on the sleep of men and women
By Jennifer Vencill and Jeffery Gibbons

- Genetic analysis of isolated cotton stainer populations
By Amber L. Richards, Tiffany J, Schuldt, Fallon A. Shippen, Chevon N. Dunnings, Linnea Harper, Alicia G. Middleton, Kara G. Segna, Harold J. Grau and Lisa S. Webb

- The influence of "otherness" on our everyday lives
By Elise K. Campbell, Ashley R. Holsomback and Thomas D. Berry

- "Comparing the group dynamics between traditional teams and virtual teams"
By David Karmolinski, Andrea Kissell, Shelley Rusnak and Thomas D. Berry

- The impact of color vocabulary and gender on color identification
By Erin N. Earley, Kristen M. Kang, Rachel E. Boynton and Thomas D. Berry

- Resistance to change in organizations
By Sarah DuBose and Thomas D. Berry

- The bureaucratic and climactic factors impacting customer satisfaction
By Jennifer Elsasser and Diane Catanzaro

- Information processing skills as a basis for relations between theory of mind understanding and counterfacutal reasoning
By Katie Hallett, Jessica Parker and Nicole Guajardo

- An examination of the domain specificity of theory of mind understanding and counterfacutal thinking
By Jennifer Wignall, Jennifer Silvent and Nicole Guajardo

- Risk involvement of personality
By LeJay Parker and W. Richard Walker

- The effects of music on heart rate and blood pressure
By Kelechi C. Anyanua and W. Richard Walker

- Altruistic behavior among those in social groups
By Stephanie Robinson and W. Richard Walker

- A critical review of the literature on physical and psychological stressors and its impact on the human immune system
By Matthew Deans and Timothy Marshall

- The relevance of the Christian Gospel
By Steven Day, Stephen Strehle, Jouett Powell, Kip Reddick and George Teschner

- SATs: reasonable or irrational?
By Robert Peresich, Christina Reid, Eric Smialek and Lori J. Underwood

- Is euthanasia morally permissible?
By Jenny Auchter, Phill Coundrey, Joanna Stancampiano, Elyse Walker and Lori Underwood

- Active manual Haptic perception
By Kristy Tinsley and Sanford Lopater

- The relationship between job stress, role expectations and control
By Tiffany S. Rook and W. Richard Walker

- Improving recognition accuracy by using reaction time to reduce false alarms
By Lindsay N. Cloutier, Melanie A. Herrington, Carrie A. Codon, Lakela S. Brand and Jeffery A. Gibbons

- Netline sports
By David Baer, Colin Young, Dwight Keys, Meg French and Stephanie Bardwell

- Remember the ladies: women's contributions in the Civil War
By Laura Simpson and Phillip Hamilton

- Mothers have influence
By Natasha McKellar and Gwenn Meredith

- Irreversible growth of atomic or molecular structures
By Michael Aiken and A. Martin Buoncristiani

- Nanoelectronic single-electron encoded logic for use in digital circuits and neural networks
By David A Ball and Costa Gerousis

- Optimization of roommate compatibility
By Adria Thornton and Glenn Weber

- Legislative death
By Kelley D. Word and Lori Underwood

- Restructuring affirmative action
By Jonas King-Holzsager and George Teschner

- Is the USA "Patriot Act" impeding upon our constitutional rights and civil liberties?
By Sean Van Demark and Lori Underwood

- Flaubert: The impressionist and Madame Bovary: the painting
By Cory Jay Barfield and Scott Pollard

- The construction of femininity in Nausicaa
By Maggie Schneifer and Tracey Schwarze

- Christian liturgy
By Joshua Blakely and Kip Redick

- The problem of gender in popular song lyrics
By Allison Burr-Miller and Linda Manning

- Masculinity and death in firefighting
By Dan McCleese and Michaela Meyer

- Bipolar disorder in preadolescents and adolescents
By Eric Edmond and Tim Marshall

- Faith, hope, and the fading affect bias
By Nicole Morris and W. Richard Walker

- The effect of media portrayed gender stereotypes on participants' memory for positive and negative characters in written scenarios
By Ashton Hurdle, Lindsay M. Boutwell, Kristin M. Wilson and Jeffery A. Gibbons

- Union sympathy in North Carolina during the Civil War
By Liz Healy and Phillip Hamilton

- What is normal?
By Christina LiPuma and Michael Lewis

- Growth and competitiveness in the EU countries: The Lisbon agreement
By Beth Emmert and George Zestos

- Goddess worshiping societies of early history: Did they really exist?
By Hali Wood and Gwenn Meredith

- The necessity of radical freedom in Christianity
By Jennifer Bragg, Jouett Powell, Kip Redick, Deborah Campbell and George Teschner

- Religion and technology
By Andrew Hill and George Teschner

- Crossdressing and the subjectivity of gender and sexuality in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
By Kate Armstrong and Douglas Gordon

- The flammability of Emma Bovary's Dusty Life
By Thomas Fellers, Corey Barfield and Scott Pollard

- Archaeology of musical instruments
By Bethany Donahue and Clyde W. Brockett, Jr.

- Reflections on Rudolph Otto's characterization of the Holy and Mount Rainier
By Matthew W. Humphrey and Kip Redick

- What we bring with us into the wilderness: Exploring Heidegger and the technological tether
By Kelly Garner and Kip Redick


April 9, 2005


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