5.4 O PAIDEIA, 2004


5.4 O PAIDEIA, 2004


Research, Presentation of
College students


Conference program

- Capabilities and stability of organosilicate nanocomposite materials to remove and retain chlorinated phenols in an aqueous media
By Brian Bishop, Emily Faulkenberry, Sandy Han, Valerie Johansen and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- A comparison of precipitation data sets for predicting Atlantic white cedar ring widths
By Amber Bradshaw, Shana Merry and Rob Atkinson

- Can justice be trusted?
By Marlene Brown and Jean S. Filetti

- The relation of personality and satisfaction with self-managed work teams
By Diane Cabiroy and Diane Catanzaro

- Predicting reading comprehension from individuals' need for cognition
By Heather Carr and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Remote sensing indices and relationship to methane and carbon dioxide exchange in melted permafrost site of Northern Alberta, Canada
By Whitney Carroll and Gary Whiting

- The effects of the leakage factor in the employment of the least mean square (LMS) algorithm in speech processing
By Paul Connolly and Gihan I. Mandour

- The arts and crafts movement: A capitalist critique
By Ethan Crouch and George Teschner

- Time management and stress
By Elaine Crutchfield and W. Richard Walker

- The effects of race, income, education and geography on life expectancy
By Gregory J. Cutler and Quentin Kidd

- Children and mutual exclusivity
By Amy Davis and Kelly Cartwright

- Music, education, and social status in eighteenth-century Williamsburg
By Bethany Donahue and Clyde W. Brockett, Jr.

- Differing voter turnout between developed and developing democracies
By Crystal Dunn and Quentin Kidd

- Using the least mean square algorithm for speech enhancement problems with different noise signals
By Mary Evans and Gihan I. Mandour

- Alcohol preference in Maudsley rats is elicited by minimal exposure to alcohol
By Sabrina Gilchrist and Nelson Adams

- Vegetation effects on CH4 emissions from a discontinuous permafrost bog in Northern Alberta, Canada
By Michael Harrison and Gary J. Whiting

- The function of Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
By Karen Hartless and Douglas Gordon

- Unveiling the myth of masculinity in Frank L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
By Karen Hartless and Terry Lee

- Loving versus Virginia: Courtroom to stage
By William Burton Henline and George Hillow

- The role of reading-specific cognitive flexibility in reading comprehension for beginning readers
By Marisa Isaac and Kelly Cartwright

- Differences in responses to the body investment scale: Student athletes vs. non-athletes
By Javacia Jackson and W. Richard Walker

- A historical and theoretical review of the importance of group dynamics in virtual teams
By David Karmolinski, Thomas R. Nipps and Thomas D. Berry IV

- Writing laws for morality: A look at the government of the United States and its attempt at legislating morality
By Jonas King-Holzaberg and Lori Underwood

- Women and non-violence in America: A study of why and how American women were able to successfully implement change in using nonviolence
By Jonas King-Holzager and Lori Underwood

- The effect of adolescent dating on the relationship with the parents
By Carissa Swain Kopp, Joe Healey and Michael Lewis

- On the use of the quasi-optimal bounding ellipsoid (QOBE) algorithm in speech classification problems
By Timothy Kraus and Giham I. Mandour

- Cognitive deficits in epilepsy
By Peter Kuhr and Stacy Rilea

- A performance of masculinity supporting masculinity as performance
By Jake Lassiter and Terry Lee

- Echo canceller techniques
By Jason Matusiak and Dali Wang

- The exchange rate determination of the euro
By John McCleary and George Zestos

- Student perceptions of instructors' personalities
By Quenna N. McDonald and W. Richard Walker

- Recent developments and the history of the relationship between science and religion
By James E. McGrath and Stacy Rilea

- Providing wireless network access in an academic environment
By Mark Meyer and Anton Riedl

- Mass media and the new hysteria of the Information Age
By Beth Miller and Tracey Schwarze

- The effect of religion on American political attitudes
By Mary Monett and Quentin Kidd

- The influence of social status on political participation
By Alan Moore and Quentin Kidd

- Alzherimer's disease abd tge care0guvubg exoeruebce
By Tara B. Mulligan and Cherly Matthews

- Postmodernism and schizophrenia: The interpretive agency of The Life of Pi
By Michael Mullin and Tracey Schwarze

- Do music and flexible scheduling affect data-entry job performance?
By Kimberlee Mutter and Jeffery Gibbons

- The relationship of sex, personal and social identity with collaboration attitudes among academic scientists
By Thomas R. Nipps, David Karmolinski and Thomas D. Berry IV

- The magic's in the makeup: Deconstruction of western gender in Madame Butterfly
By Mark Pangilinan and Tracey Schwarze

- What was once lost is now found
By Wesley Partin and Andre Velkey

- Men in the ministry: How incorporating the feminine leads to a more complete masculinity
By Ashley Rich and Terry Lee

- The Markowitz Efficient Frontier: Far more than finance
By J. Andrew Richardson and Glenn Weber

- Gender ideologies in prime-time sitcoms
By Adam Rose and Mary Rose Williams

- The ability of certain countries to adhere to human rights
By Holly Ross and Quentin Kidd

- The correlation between regional integration, the loss of sovereign, and nationalism
By Holly Ross and Quentin Kidd

- Women get sacked in the hegemonic world of sports
By Madeline Russo and Mary Rose Williams

- The Wurzburg Residenze as the pearl of the German baroque
By Nina Skulbeda and Laura Deiulio

- Using photo-identification to determine the distribution of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in Lower Hampton Roads and the Elizabeth Rivers, Virginia
By Dana Spontak, Kevin Foss and James Reed

- Stopping the spread of spam
By Linda Stoughton and Quentin Kidd

- The presence of the church in Nicaragua
By Brando Stuver and Danielle Cahill

- Cell phone usage while driving
By Michael Thom, Sam Hanks and Lori Underwood

- Investigation of an efficient rail car arrival rate
By Adria Thornton, Michael Cochrane and Scott Rutherford

- Art as a discursive forum for political thought and social activism
By Katherine R. Wallace and Mary Rose Williams

- How well do verbal cognitive abilities tests predict college grades?
By Katherine Williams, Kinsey England, Jennifer Hogan, Andrea Kissell, Dara Libby, Jennifer Silvert, Matt Walker and Diane Catanzaro

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