5.4 O PAIDEIA, Detailed Schedule, April 25-26, 2003


5.4 O PAIDEIA, Detailed Schedule, April 25-26, 2003


Research, Presentation of
College students


Conference program

- A picture is worth a thousand funny words
By Jeromie Heath and Scott Pollard

- The bible as a comic model for western literature: A biblical Tom Jones and Scarlet Letter
By Adam Carrier, and Scott Pollard

- Unmasking interior qualities: The use of physical description in 18th and 19th century British literature
By Michelle Luna and Scott Pollard

- Form and function: Comedy, the Picaro and reform
By Danielle Taylor and Scott Pollard

- Dissonance as necessity in colonial literature
By Elizabeth Henkel and Tracey Schwarze

- Power play: The struggle against society's power structures in David Mamet's Oleanna
By Ashlety Rich and Tracey Schwarze

- David Auburn's Proof, act II, scene II
By Stephanie Smith, Casey Denton, Katie Laibstain and Steven Breese

- Female identity: Primp or proof

- A comparison of third party observers' perceptions of punishments and rewards in the workplace
By Andrea N. Dunn, Erika F. Bergstrom, Brandi M. Henry, Tristan Johnson and Jeffery A. Gibbons

- An analysis of parental factors contributing to reading development in children
By Laurie Liston and Kelly Cartwright

- Evaluating recognition, response latency, and the fading-affect bias for existential and everyday life events
By Amy Cumberland, Nicolette Jones and Jeff Gibbons

- Decline of historical knowledge in the U. S.
By Christopher Chappell and Quentin Kidd

- Capital punishment: A utilitarian necessity
By Christopher May, Jade N. James, and Lori Underwood

- The effects of different types of video games on spatial performance
By Andrea Velissarios and Stacy L. Rilea

- Something fishy is happening in Wingfield Hall
By Chelsea Weeks, Dominic Arjona, Kristin Munch, Melanie Ewing and Andrew Velkey

- Do discriminative stimuli affect instrumental-choice behavior in Betta splendens?
By Michael L. Suis, Andrea Vellissarios, Alicia Burns, and Andrew J. Velkey II

- Donald E. Allured: Composed, conductor and teacher
By Annette A. Kenyon and Clyde Brockett

- Madness in society: Expressed through Don Quijote
By Shellie Wilkins and Scott Pollard

- The effect of aerobic exercise on word recall in older men and women
By Rachel Pierce and Jeffery Gibbons

- How do people view first impressions based on skin tone
By Cristen Long, Jessica Rogers, and Richard Walker

- Arsenic adsorption by novel organo-silicate nanocomposites
By Stephanie D. Harris and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Teaching statistics: Predictors for student success
By Melanie S. Tyler and Bobbye Hoffman Bartels

- Methane and carbon dioxide production potential from bog peatlands in the discontinuous permafrost zone of northern Alberta, Canada
By Travis R. Comer, Michael Harrison and Gary J. Whiting

- Should Virginia increase the cigarette excise tax to 60 cents?
By Catherine M. Flanagan and Bob Colvin

- Autos by choice, LLC: Consultation report
By Josh Adams and Stephanie Huneycutt

- Monetary policy and causality in the United States
By Jeannie S. Chung and George Zestos

- Can changing story-telling behavior inflate mood?
By Stephanie E. Pulas, Melanie K. Lopez, Crystal V. Harvey and Jeffery A. Gibbons

- The "No Child Left Behind" act and high stakes testing: A literature review
By Merriah Y. Daniel and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Personal appearances and how people form impressions: Attractiveness and desirability in mate selection
By Cristen Long, Jessica Rogers, and Richard Walker

- Lead immobilization in soil and storm water from small-arms range using phosphate, sedimentation, filtration and oregano-silicate nanocomposite treatments
By Larry K. Issacs and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Belowground dissolved methane distribution in melt-collapse wetland located in discontinuous permafrost zone of Canada
By Whitney Carrol, Michael Harrison, Travis Comer, Jessie Mellon, Melinda Sparks, and Gary Whiting

- Detecting subsurface defects in metals using a superconducting quantum interference device
By Jeffery C. Mast and Raouf Selim

- Illustration and design: The art of visual communication
By Jeremiah Santiago and Betty Anglin

- American popular music: from patriotism and protest
By Peter J. Mercier IV and Clyde Brockett

- Parallel lives: The link between the Bronte and Prozorov sisters
By Rian Kerfoot and Denise Gilman

- The effects of background music on reading comprehension in adolescents with or without attention deficit disorder
By Meridith Jackson and Jeff Gibbons

- The effects of mentoring and other factors on career planning
By C. Ray Epps and Richard Walker

- The effect of music mood and genre on cognitive ability
By Diane Cabiroy and Jeffery Gibbons

- Detection of defects in metal structures through the use of low-Tc SQUID
By Michael McFarlane and Raouf Selim

- Using modified low-cost absorbents to remove 2,4 dichlorophenol from aqueous solutions
By Emily Falkenberry and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Testing the effectiveness of an integrated cross-cultural training model: Language training and adaptive skills for sojourners to a foreign environment
By Mary S. Stevens and Mary Rose Williams

- The rhetoric of body piercing: Discovering identity through narrative analysis
By Margo Scheinhaus and Mary Rose Williams

- Children's animated films and children's perception of justice
By Hannah Goodwyn and Mary Rose Williams

- Understanding a nonprofit organization's database through data mining
By Charles George and Carol Scovotti

- Foreign debt and economic growth in a group of developing countries
By Matthew Hodge and George Zestos

- Saying "I do" to buying a home
By Amber G. Godfrey and Carol Scovotti

- The "eyes" have it: The relation between eye color and hand dominance on a psychomotor skills task
By Cheryl Taylor and Jeff Gibbons

- Heroes or villains: The relation of television and movie viewing on memory for character sex in short stories
By Cheryl Taylor, Janet Phillips, KelleaJean Hester and Jeff Gibbons

- Identity theft
By Candice Perkins and Richard Walker

- Experiment and stimulation of lock-exchange flows
By Jerome Harris and Jamie Martin

- Bottlenose dolphin (tursiops truncatus) utilization of the Elizabeth River, Virginia
By Kevin Foss and James R. Reed

- Squeak: After hours
By Nancy M. Wilson and Randall Caton

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