5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 6, 2002


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 6, 2002


College students
Research, Presentation of


Conference program

- The effects of server characteristics on gratuities left by restaurant patrons
By Amanda Slingerland

- Wetland restoration on converted agricultural fields in Virginia: The effects of field crowning
By Jeffery DeBerry and Robert B. Atkinson

- The fading affect bias is not driven by participant beliefs
By Jennifer Dwyer

- Modification of low-cost adsorbents for chromate removal from aqueous media
By Joy Butler and Tarek Abdel-Fattah

- Developing new measures of reading comprehension and phonemic awareness
By Krystall E. Dunaway and Dr. Keyy B. Cartwright

- Study of low cost adsorbents for lead removal
By Kelly B. Payne and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Remediation of mercury using low cost adsorbents
By Stephanie Harris and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- The effect of permafrost melting on nutrient cycling and carbon exchange in the discontinuous permafrost zone of Canada
By Melissa Mills and Dr. Gary Whiting

- Perception of the justice system
By Teaune Vinson

- Affects of hydrology on the peat underlying Atlantic white cedar swamps
By Patricia M. Duttry

- Can we have knowledge of moral absolutes?
By Andreas Houpos

- Environmental enrichment for a captive loggerhead sea turtle, Carette, Caretta
By Stephanie Day

- Examining body image and self-esteem across participant ethnicity and brain injury status: one year later
By Laura L. Nichols, Jeffery A. Gibbons and Mona Tiernan

- Removal of 2, 4-dichlorophenol from aqueous solutions using organo-silicate materials: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
By Brian Bishop and Tarek Abdul-Fattah

- Female characters are virtuous for gender aschematic individuals and they are memorable for gender schematic individuals
By Brooke D. Sander, Janet M. Phillips, Kellea J. Hester, Renea P. Page, Sue E. Hinnefield, Kelly B. Cartwright, Jeffery Gibbons and Nicole M. Traxel

- The hip hop rapper's role as African griot in American society
By Catherine Hauke

- Religious addition: Obsession with spirituality
By Cheryl Z. Taylor

- The European monetary union (Emu) and the Euro
By Calire Neaves

- Does having managerial qualities affect one's perception of fairness, responsibility, consequences, and commitment in the workplace?
By Erika F. Congleton, Andrea N. Dunn, and Brandi M. Henry

- The utilization of constructive linguistic practices in the self-help genre
By Kelly Garner

- The prominence of racial issues in Alabama Gubernational campaigns
By Donna K. Silva

- The use of personal data assistants in improving everyday memory
By Reggie Y. Andrews

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April 6, 2002


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