3.16 B Beacon, Fall 1999


3.16 B Beacon, Fall 1999


Adult education
Lifelong education


A publication that spotlights the creative arts by featuring work from the members of the LifeLong Learning Society and CNU's Continuing Education students.

Volume 3

- Old Cadillac by Louise Martin
- A Surprise by Barbara Smith
- Growing Pains by Terry Cox-Joseph
- Self-Absorption by Terry Cox-Joseph
- Falling into Place by Ann Falcone Shalaski
- The Young Captain's Song by Bob Kelly
- "The Other Woman" (Sydney, Australia...1991) by Jason Lester Atkins
- "Swing Back, My Child" by Rhonda Saunders
- The Raven's Lament by Sharon Dorsey
- To s Sycamore Tree in Winter by Alma Campbell
- My Mother by Rhonda Saunders
- A Walk With Wiley by Margaret Thomas
- A Search for Confederated Gold by Barbara Fuller Cox
- Vacuum Attachment that Tames Wild Hair by Mary Ellen McCarter
- Visitor from China by Mary Stuart Mason
- A Man and His Mountain by Sharon Dorsey
- Choices by Billie Routten Pile
- Mom's French Connection by Emeline Wood
- The Silent Admirer by Edgar E. Delong
- Biology Class by Catherine Dycus
- Mountain Experience by Roberta W. Rogers
- The Genie is a Genius by Elsie Duval
- The Last Inning by Jason Lester Atkins




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