3.16 B Beacon, Spring 1999


3.16 B Beacon, Spring 1999


Adult education
Lifelong education


A publication that spotlights the creative arts by featuring work from the members of the LifeLong Learning Society and CNU's Continuing Education students.

Volume 2

- A Song of Thread by Patricia Flower Vermillion
- Key West Cats by Serena Fusek
- Cinnamon by Robert W. Boswinkle
- Death in Mexico by Robert W. Boswinkle
- Surpassing Rainbows by Shannon Dorsey
- Love and Children by Mary Ellen McCarter
- Old Chimneys by Alma Campbell
- Hollywood Cemetery-Richmond, Virginia (11 November 1994) by Jason Lester Atkins
- Till Death Do Us Part by Mary Elizabeth Cotton
- Bluebell, My Friend by Rhonda Saunders
- Bread Upon the Water by Ann F. Shalaski
- The Straying Horse by Barbara Smith
- The Sadness of Chocolate by Serena Fusek
- Opening Night by Terry Cox-Joseph
- The Backyard by Shannon Dorsey
- The Maestro by Edgar E. Delong
- Teach Me How to Smile by Kristin Dilley
- Cody the Therapist by Eleanor Hill
- Dishonesty in Disguise by Sara Howes
- Three Against One by Hedley N. Mendez III, M.D.
- Thunder in the Basement by Bob Kelly
- Houseboats by Al Oshan
- A Commandment She Could Not Refuse by Billie M. Millner
- Back Then it Really Snowed by Sharon Dorsey
- Snow by Roberta W. Rogers
- About Corsages by Elise Duval
- The Spider's Web by Alma Campbell




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