3.16 B Beacon, Fall 1998


3.16 B Beacon, Fall 1998


Adult education
Lifelong education


The inaugural publication that spotlights the creative arts by featuring work from the members of the LifeLong Learning Society and CNU's Continuing Education students.

Volume 1

- Like a Moth by Mary Elizabeth Cotton
- "I usta ride," by Serena Fusek
- Fall Lets Me Beg by Lelia Anne Davis
- "Morning Cup" by Sean Olson
- Yesterday's Tea by Terry Cox-Joseph
- Jamestown Men by Bob Kelly
- Upon Reading Faulkner's As I Lay Dying by Robert W. Boswinkle
- Creation by Doris Gwaltney
- Madonna and Child, Close-up, 1198 A.D. by Mary H. Getchel
- The Other Woman by Sharon Dorsey
- My Shadow by Shannon Dorsey
- The Computer Hacker and a Common Brain by Bonnie Standard
- Joyful Birthday by Louise Martin
- Carnival in the Quarter by Serena Fusek
- "The Rhythm of Her" by Sean Olson
- Field Trip by Mary H. Getchel
- Writers' Contest by Mary Elizabeth Cotton
- Mother Rounds by Rhonda Saunders
- Christmas in a Country Church by Alma Campbell
- Musing About Aging by Billie M. Millner
- Our Music Lives On by Ann F. Shalaski
- A Tibetan Risk Worth Taking by Barbara Smith
- Another Story of Vietnam by Barbara Cox
- The Biggest Fish by Eleanor Hill
- Breaks of the Cumberland by Jason Lester Atkins
- The Pot Bellied Stove by Gloria Diana
- Blackberry Time by Elsie Duval
- How Long is a Mile? by Mary Stuart Mason
- On Wearing Glasses by Catherine Dycus
- The Squirrel and I by Roberta W. Rodgers




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