3.16 B Beacon, Fall 2000


3.16 B Beacon, Fall 2000


Adult education
Lifelong education


A publication that spotlights the creative arts by featuring work from the members of the LifeLong Learning Society and CNU's Continuing Education students.

Volume 4

- The Invitation: a Barcode by Bob Kelly
- The Flowers by Nancy Powell
- "Orelena's 100th Birthday Wish" by Jason L. Atkins
- Baby by Rhonda Saunders
- Every Woman's Desires by Catherine Kurchinski
- Turning into Mother by Mary Fannon Allen
- Moonlight Fades in Daybreak;'s Glow by Lorraine Benedetto
- To a Daffodil (Tahiti Sunrise) by Alma Campbell
- The Restful Season by John Allen
- Snowbound by Margaret Thomas
- The Time of His Life by Ann F. Shalaski
- One People, One Heart by Sharon Dorsey
- The Noland Nuptials by Elsie M. Duval
- The Selection Process by Melissa McGill
- Raspberry Vinegar by Patricia Flower Vermillion
- Autobiography of a Lighthouse (as told to Billie M. Millner) by Billie M. Millner
- Small Business by Bernard I. Florey
- Corrie and the Ratman by Eleanor Hill
- Coma by Mary Stuart Mason
- Jumping for Joy by Carolyn Lawrence
- Alley of Revelation by Nancy Kirkland
- Train Trip to Chaing Mai by Roberta W. Rogers
- Circus Morning 1941 by Edgar Delong




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