5.4 C 2004 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 2004 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- Incarnation alchemy by Daniel Rollings
- Pick-up sticks by Hattie Barber
- May by Elizabeth Heath
- How to die completely by Rian Kerfoot
- You are a strange girl by Tony Cespedes
- Watermelon man by Kevyn Arthur
- I need to touch him by Stephanie Doswell
- Yugo by Chris Walick
- If we are of this world by Kathryn Wilber
- Redemption by Julie Hagy
-Red lines in a book by Pat Hoppe
- Poetry writing by Steve Kujawski
- Snowflake obsidian by Nicole Edwards
- Haiku appeals by Kevyn Arthur
- Storm softly by Daniel Rollings
- The girl who limped by Kathryn Wilber
- Crossing the Jordan by T. DeVon Robinson
- If I left you marked by Kathryn Wilber
- Hats by Hattie Barber
- I lie with her by Steve Kujawski
- Accomplice to a thief by Evan Thomas Moore
- End of Thialfi by M.R. McLaughlin
- Moving from 114 by Pat Hoppe
- Fresh air by Paulette Pittman Wright
- I blew you a kiss tonight by Steve Kujawski
- Love glaze by Rian Kerfoot

- The thing you call a conversation by Allison Ford
- Breathe by Diana Matthews
- Black and blue by Beth Miller
- Untitled by Sharon Early
- Room interior by Justin Mendenhall
- Self portrait by Meagan Pfarr
- Smile by Graham Reed
- Surfer by Jennifer Norman
- Self portrait by Jeanette George
- Default by Hasson Roberts
- Sunday afternoon by Jessica Shearin
- Red hat trilogy by Brandy Gardner
- Untitled by CJ Martin
- Diet by Diana Mathews
- Untitled by Megan Pfarr
- Driving by Kat Romanish
- Sick and tired by Crystal Johnson
- Oh grandma by Allison Ford
- Doctor Michael by Lynn Maycroft
- Hawaii memories by Jeanette George
- After Leonardo by Anne Gibson
- Untitled by Laura Hayes
- Untitled by Sharon Early
- Show this in remembrance of me by Jonetta Cabble

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