5.4 C 2005 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 2005 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU




Published in April of each academic year, Currents provides a forum for creative expression and exploration for students, faculty and staff of the University.


- Poem #6 by Hattie Barber
- Father-daughter dance by Sharyl Covey
- Acoustically speaking by Amanda Davis
- Dance with me by Christine Gamache
- Untitled by John Gillerlain
- Together is a part by Jon Gomez
- Lycanthropy by Sarah Gregory
- The showdown by Elizabeth Heath
- The untold by Elizabeth Heath
- Worth of love by Lucas Kosbob
- A book of Emerson's by Justin Pritchett
- Birth and death are messy by Justin Pritchett
- Slop by T. Devon Robinson
- Country life by Chris Ross
- Thoughts on daylight savings by Lindsey Seipp
- Mr. Sneaker by Amy Spindler
- An attic of dreams by Megan Tucker

- Thrift store business by Christine Boggs
- Still life with cherries by Katherine Ely
- Run! Don't walk by Doug Farley
- Cupboard by Christine Gamache
- Vision of a memory by Ashley Hitchens
- My obsession by Dana House
- Abstract self portrait by Dana House
- Field of dream series: Big mama by Crystal Johnson
- Field of dream series: Boy by Crystal Johnson
- Outside Cosco stands a man with a hand in pocket by Lauren Kosteski
- Ashley by Jenny Loveland
- Open hand by Ryan Mathias
- Peeler by Aimee McEvoy
- Container series by Beth Miller
- Jack the Ripper by Tina Priddy
- Silver and cold by Tina Priddy
- Seeing red by Heather Schnell
- Behind the looking glass by Heather Schnell
- A kiss is just a kiss by Thomas Stormer
- What does this mean? By Thomas Stormer
- Clothespins by Kelly Tellefsen
- Cynical and beautiful by Marianne Ward
- Self portrait by Eileen Wilson
- Nikki and me by Alexis Vellines
- Bowl by Alexis Vellines

Short stories:
- Molly girl by Hattie Barber
- Carrion by Sharyl Covey
- Janelle and Carin a one act play by John Gillerlain
- Emerald eyes by Dustin Hummer
- The broken ritual by Emily Heflin
- And brother shall deliver up brother by Justin Joines
- 5 empty chambers by Lucas Kosbob
- An exchange by Lacey Milburn
- Magira by Anna Silverberg
- Behind the hood by Chris Walick

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