5.4 C 2003 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 2003 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- Cake and lemonade by Elizabeth Heath
- Smoking that stinky cigar by Sarah Howes
- Untitled by Philip T. Shing
- Shade of gray by Shelly Horn
- Powhatan by Erin McMahon
- Grey tar, red car by Jesi Owens
- Death takes a bow by Shelly Horn
- I need a savior! by Kristina M. Rose and Joshua Neigbors
- Untitled by Philip T. Shing
- Novocain by Chad Privett
- He(ze)ros by Jesi Owens
- Untitled by Charles Campana
- Unbearable likeness of being by Elizabeth Heath
- The hunter's boy by Joe Ambrogne
- Ailanthus (Tree of heaven) by Shelly Horn
- Untitled by Kristina Roe
- The holy river Ganga by Shelly Horn
- Refuge by Jason P. Manning
- Fingers by Elizabeth Heath
- Crawl by Sarah K. Smith
- A week in a room by Jesi Owens
- Where is the other shoe? by Shelly Horn
- Untitled by Philip T. Shing
- Grey by Amanda Blair Smith
- Personal pair list by Elizabeth Heath
- So hard by Karen Moler
- Duck swim by T. DeVon Robinson
- Hey Mr. Beachcomber by Shelly Horn

- Recondite I by Elaine Viel
- Somewhat later by Melinda Laws
- Hostas by Jeanne Golner
- Minotaur hills by Brandon Hasky
- Diane and Henry by Kristy Severin
- Clay pots by John McCormack
- Mousetrap by Melinda Laws
- Intrigue by Dorcus Kenne
- Standing figure by C. J. Martin
- Chicken, chicken by Vivian Roehrbein
- If I should die before I wake by Crystal Johnson
- Girl with flute by Katherine Patrinely
- The cloudy day by Jenny L. Loveland
- Covered story bowl by Elaine Viel
- Animated clothing by Erika LeBurn
- Inside me by Jeremiah Santiago
- Erin meets James by Jason Manning
- Triptych by Kelly Flowers

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