5.4 C 2002 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 2002 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- In Buckroe by Amber Nettles
- My sun by Dawn Neering
- Rocking chair legends by Erin McMahon
- Untitled by Deanna Domi
- Two little girls by Diane Thomason
- Hell freezes over or an American rationalist in Hell by Jason P. Manning
- Day-break dancer by Sarah Smith
- Sociology's song by Michael Brayshaw
- An autobiography of a girl by J. G. Hagy
- Cigarette by Dana Wimmer
- To Grandma with love by Jordan Branem
- Ones and zeroes by Mike Moats
- Something other than a creek by Michael Claar
- Serpents in the sky (September 11) by Jessi Owens
- Dog has his day by Michelle Luna
- Streaks of greatness by Colm Alexander
- Road not taken of frost by Mary Hanlin
- Untitled by Deanna Domi
- Thoughts from my paddington rooftop by Jessi Owens
- A most plentiful patch of strawberries by Erin McMahon
- Untitled by Mike Moats

Art work:
- Two friends standing on a bridge by Jennifer Call
- Caribbean harvest II by Ann Segaloff
- The dreamer by Dorcus Keene
- Water carriers at the river by Jenny Loveland
- Reflections by Rachel Selisker
- Caribbean harvest I by Ann Segaloff
- Flags by Autumn Rush
- Ode to Escher by Justin Mendenhall
- Untitled by Melinda Laws
- No bodies by Cassandra Dabbs
- Adobe photo by Elaine Viel
- The painting studio by Anne Gibson
- Linda's dream by Jenny Loveland
- Choose by Mindy Stover
- Just me by Autumn Rush
- Figure in green by Jennifer Atherton
- Snowy day by Tommie Dudley
- Wide awake dreaming by Rachel Selisker
- Nude reclining by Jordan Branem
- Figure in red by Jennifer Atherton
- Divide & conquer by Crystal Johnson

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