5.4 C Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- What happens by Amy Richardson
- the bird [while finding my home] by Michael Claar
- Letter for daddy by Janine Ivester
- The paperboy by Mary Hanlin
- Yesterday I woke up soaking wet by Mike Moats
- Ten by Rian Kerfoot
- I SHALL NOT KILL by Claire Samuelson
- A conversation with a silent past by Angie Arch
- Dancing outside the gray twilight by Michael Brayshaw
- Untitled #1 by Cris Sivent
- to mrs. John Walter Franklin, child of Christ by Mary Hanlin

- Threshold by Nick Tesserolo
- Waiting for permission by Leann Sasamoto
- Nap time by Tommy Dudley
- The journey #18 by Leann Sasamoto
- After Braque by Jennifer Atherton
- In the spotlight by Anita Hardy
- 40th and Main by Leann Sasamoto
- Lady of Panama by Ann Gibson
- Orchids by Dorcus Kenne
- Above by Deborah Barton-Snyder
- Four corners by Crystal Mason
- Rear view mirror by Rachel Selisker
- The journey #16 by Leann Sasamoto
- Autumn in Vermont by Dick Elliot
- Egyptian sentry by Ann Segaloff
- Swing so high in the sky by Tommy Dudley
- Autumn eve by Irene Staples
- Self portrait #1 by Kate Muldoon
- Raku vessel by Nick Tesserolo

- Daily dose by Jamie Ivester
- Remote control by Claire Samuelson
- An offer by Anthony Koth
- Heroes of innocence by Erin McMahon
- Letter to Pappilon regarding Paris by Tony Cespedes
- The envy of Icarus by Mary Hanlin
- Great grandmother by Dale A. Jordan
- Start by Mike Moats
- A Tuesday reminisce by Jordan Branem
- The keeper of man by Mary Hanlin
- Untitled #2 by Cris Silvent

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