5.4 C 2000 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 2000 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- I'll be home for Christmas by Erin McMahon
- A universal October by Kip Redick
- The knot by Erin Zagursky
- While he lies dying by Tim Morgan
- The huckleberry hunt by Sarah S. Howes
- Mango by R. "Ander" Wood
- Midwest farm kitchen by Mary Elizabeth Cotton
- Isis by Rachel Keith
- Forty days and forty meals by Jessica Ledbetter
- Love's flow by Mary Elizabeth Cotton
- Birkenau 1944 by Anthony J. Felt
- En Penumbras by Marta Esperanza Edgcomb
- From this dream I wish not be awakened by Greg Gentry
- Eulogy by Tim Morgan
- Final lie by Greg Gentry
- Civil life by Michael L. Rhea
- Forget-me-nots by Molly C. Dry
- 12:00 by Dorene Braun
- Homeless by Anthony J. Felt
- Fly, daddy by Sarah S. Howes
- The light of freedom by Erin McMahon
- Afternoon tea party by Linda Schenkelberg
- The trinity by Loren Ashley Loving

- Our father by James Thomas
- Divided attention by Tina Pollard
- Harley heaven by Pete Lewis
- Hanging on the tree of life by Rosalind Cabler
- Drew by Wesley Vanderbilt
- Room interior by Grovia Springham
- Farmer's little daughter by Nancy Gordon
- Landscape purple by Elaine Viel
- Cityscape by Julie Blake
- Porch by Nicole Benson
- In service #2 by Richard Elliot
- Old ladies of the casba by James Thomas
- Radio unplugged by John Cook
- Animated clothing by Jay Brown
- Room interior by Nicole Benson
- Robin's kitchen by Rachel Saliska
- Barnes and Noble by Wesley Vanderbilt
- Seed oyster harvest by Anne Gibson
- Fare at Powhatan Parkway by Irene Staples
- The morning after by Tina Pollard
- Spoons n' forks by Kenny Reyes
- The merging by Edythe Rind
- In memoriam of Christine Barr

Includes a yellow flyer stating that, "Currents needs your literature, art, digital art, and music".

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