5.4 C 1999 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 1999 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- In communion by Michelle Mounts
- Jazzy nights by Catherine Kurchinski
- The figure by Barbara Temple
- Untitled by Nancy Gordon
- Aria by Bucky Mirmelstein
- The robe by Gwen Miller
- The iconoclasts by John P. Cook
- The essence of fine arts by Debbie Papageorge
- Modular squares by Caroline Taylor
- Untitled by Matthew Wells
- Sculpture #1 by Nichole Benson
- Room interior #1 by Brady Fertilta
- Granny by Grovia Springham
- City by Rachel Selisker
- Self portrait by Catherine Kurchinski
- My children by Tracy swinton
- Essence by Rachel Keith
- Room interior by Jennifer Casey
- Self portrait by Kenneth Carter
- Untitled by Jay Brown

- Letter of intent by Linda Schenkelberg
- Time for a hanging by Sarah Howes
- Christmas 1917 by Michelle Insley
- All Hallow's Eve by James MacCafferty
- A murder in Dallas County by Joseph Atkinson
- Zsuzsanna by Michael Claar
- Issues by Jessica Ledbetter
- Les Besas by Don Mann
- The lady in the yellow dress by Wesley Cline
- Strange currents by Jennifer Chaine
- Fetish by Letitia Harris
- The Pookas' sorrow by David Ramsey
- Glass bridges by Sean Olsen
- Sleeping beauty by Joshua Dudley
- Whitman by Michelle Insley
- Creature of light by Martha Edgecombe
- Lucent farewell by Mary Cotton
- The mysteries of the sand by Tamara Pool
- Winter love scene by Mary Cotton
- First dance by Danna Plewe
- Deliverance by Michele Rhea
- The net by Michelle Insley
- Thanksgiving by Joseph Atkinson
- Passerby by Don Mann
- You lying dog by Sarah Howes
- Pressed orchids by Mary Cotton

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