5.4 C 1998 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 1998 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- Old House by Mike Leonard
- Hope by Jennifer Chaine
- Dreams by Jeff Grier
- Abstract Windows by Wendy Giancoli
- Family charcoal by Rachel Selisker
- Portrait untitled by Kelly Jackson
- Cookie drawing by Carleen Perry
- Drawing letter by Tara Friel
- Sasha's room by Cathy Kurchinki
- Bodhisattva by Rosa Doughty
- Sunday's in summer by Tara Bird
- End of the road by Pete Lewis
- Feeling by David Herring
- I took the long way home by Diane Barker
- Blue mist by Edith Rind
- Cubistic ceramic vase by Lisa Jordan
- Ceramic container by Todd Jones
- Colonial gents by Robert Hicks
- Animated clothing by Tara Bird
- Priceless by Wendy Giancoli
- Portrait by John Cook
- Ceramic with face by Jennifer Casey
- The regulars by Pete Lewis

- When angels come calling by Sarah Howes
- Future furniture furnisher by Johnny Tolliver
- Representing the race by Barbara Nelson
- The other woman by Susan Costello
- Dragonfly by Gretchen Fielk
- On reading Keats in the cafeteria during study hall by Jeremy Watson
- Meadow by Susan Costello
- Diamonds by R. D. Helms
- le soleil by Sabrina Kirkley
- It's just another day by Denise Stefula
- Tyranny of time by Jeremy Watson
- Standing in line in the post office by R. D. Helms
- Interface by Wayland Yoder, III
- Spontaneous human combustion by Gretchen Filek
- The visible man by Gretchen Filek
- Sad love song by Danny Tackett
- American's forgotten slaves by Denise Burgett
- Too much coffee by R. D. Helms

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