5.4 C 1996-1997 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 1996-1997 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- Outlook by Paul Pitman
- A microcosm of strength and home by Tamara Russell
- The embassy ball by Pete Lewis
- Night table by Pete Lewis
- Maggie by Maggie Brown
- Untitled by Maggie Brown
- Torso by Edith K. Rind
- Esoteric proof by Sonya Ibarra
- The office by Cynthia Ellison
- You can't teach a wooden bird to fly by Steve Wesen
- Praying by Rosalind Cabler
- Pieces of her by Dawn Page
- Out in the rain by Janette Roots
- Not quite an Elco by Tara Friel
- Animated clothing by Sonya Ibarra
- Untitled by Cynthia Ellison
- What did you say? By Janetta Roots
- Art in a box by Steve Wesen
- Earth and Tuchvala by Rosa Doughtly
- Light up my life by Rosalind Cabler
- Wee anthem by Todd Jones
- Devotion by Amy K. Williams
- The subversive trajectory of Strevan Donato by Todd Jones

- Arbeit macht frei: A visit to KL Auschwitz by Anthony Felt
- Color vision by Flower Star
- Keepers of the hearth by Sarah S. Howes
- Sunset at Grand Haven by Susan Hueck
- Purple heart by Lorrie Rubino
- The class of 1993 by Lorrie Rubino
- Primary by Amy K. Williams
- Modern parasites by Denise Stefula
- The shattered dream by Amy K. Williams
- Off center by Don Kennedy
- Mitlow Halastron by Todd Jones
- Dust by Susan Hueck
- Mother by Jennifer CHaine
- Love by Misty T. Mick
- The one that got away by Samiha Sobhan
- Albuquerque by Mark Fitzgerald
- August sky eye by Denise Stefula
- A veteran of war by Jennifer Chaine

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