5.4 C 1996 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 1996 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





- "Sustenance" by Patti Holt
- "The Incident" by Robin Harris
- Renaissance literature by Elizabeth MacGahan
- "We pretend well I think" by Galen Snowden
- "Westover" by Robin Harris
- "Day Shift" by Rebecca Hurst
- "hands like a gnarled tree trunk" by Claire "Karree" Seger
- "Lost Flowers" by Mark A. Fitzgerald
- "Ribbitt" by Frances C. M. Twigg and Elizabeth MacGahan
- "Wisdom in a pink collar" by Misty T. Mick
- "Reflection" by Mark A. Fitzgerald
- "Broken Mirror" by Rebecca Hurst
- Wanting Oxygen by Sherry Hamilton
- "Saotome's Soul" by Galen Snowden
- "satisfaction curls up inside me" by Claire "Karree" Seger
- "Insatiable You" by Dolmesha Stallings
- "Accident" by Sherry Hamilton
- "Cripple in the House" by Cathy Cunningham
- "i crouch hot queened" by Elizabeth MacGahan
- "Sara Higgins" by Sherry Hamilton
- "The Rock" by Amy Williams
- Yesterday's Ghost by Cathy Cunningham
- Color of the sun by Grey Hash
- My house at Pooh Corner by Tina Harris
- Untitled by Amy Williams

- Somewhere else by Tamara Russell
- Deer pattern by Cynthia Ellison
- Room in grays by Irene O'Neal
- 8 chairs by Irene O'Neal
- Untitled by Grey Hash
- Reaction by Dennis Steven Pickeral
- Standing figure by Edythe K. Rind
- Untitled by Sydna Farr
- Untitled by Grey Hash
- Self portrait by William Bradford
- Fish on a rail by Heather Gwaltney
- Pansdonmakabanosa by Todd Jones
- Self portrait by Julie Viers
- Flesh, death, and spirit by Sonya Ibarra
- Destruction of Adam by Jeff Grier
- Specter Bladers by Shelly A. Wilson
- Self portrait by Christina Baker
- Animated clothing by Heidi Yuchase
- See by Robert A. Carter
- Self portrait by Heidi Yuchase

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