5.4 C 1994 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU


5.4 C 1994 Currents - A Journal of Art and Literature at CNU





Poetry and Prose:
- Untitled by Galen Snowden and Marci Phillips
- The Spy who didn't love me (Novel excerpt) by Jennifer Abel
- "Her Double Skies" by Reinaldo Morales, Jr.
- The quarter by Marci Phillips
- Your face to a black and white TV by Jenny Watlington
- "Abused by my muse" by Jennie Smith Hansen
- "Magnolia restrained" by Frances C. M. Twigg
- The gift by Calvin Richardson
- "Steel Dreams" by Marci Phillips and Galen Snowden
- "Mother Says" by Janie Clark
- Don't let him get to you by Jason R. Bryant
- Mother says by Janie Clark
- Those people who write poems are awful bores or no, thank you. I don't eat poetry (especially villanelles) by Jeannie Smith Hansen
- Who replaces heroes by Reinaldo Morales, Jr.
- "Paris Rain" by Christopher Anderson
- "The Prodigal Son" by Frances C. M. Twigg
- The Visitor by Calvin Richardson
- "Forgiveness" by Janie Clark
- "Quitting Time" by Patti Holt
- "Your Name in my Hand or Divorce" by Jenny Watlington
- Mirror Lake by Patti Holt
- "Desitan and Dimetapp" by Jenny Watlington
- Serenely Psychotic Sainthood by Jennifer Abel
- "The Silence of Being Watched" by Heather Williams
- "Zen Garden" by Frances C. M. Twigg
- "Sequins in the Street" by Cathy Wallace
- "Our Daily Sins" by Marci Phillips

- Campus: Gosnold View by Patricia A. Watters
- Bryan by Stacy Mooney
- Erin by Elizabeth Mehalic
- Smithfield ice cream parlor by Elizabeth Mehalic
- Propriety by Jenny Watlington
- Grey Room by Eddie Moore
- Untitled by Michelle Mounts
- Untitled by Claudette Duffer
- Surfers by Eddie Moore
- Wide mouth bass by Jenny Watlington
- Untitled by Michelle Mounts
- Unposied grandmother by Jenny Watlington
- Self portrait by Elizabeth Mehalic
- Elderly gentleman by Pamela M. Oden
- Now see hear by Ann Deforest

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