2.19 I-2 Advisory

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1-Call to order.
2-Minutes approved.
3-Reports from Jennilou Fernsler and Margaret Stewart.…

1-Call to order.
2-Minutes approved.
3-Apple computers will not be located in the library.…

1-Call to order.
2-Search begun for permanent Acquisitions Librarian.
3-A policy is necessary…

1. Call to order
2. Approval of minutes
3. Book Order Awards
4. Computer use policy
5. Meeting…

1. Call to order
2. Library materials budget for 1996/97
3. Collection Development policy

1. Call to order
2. Departmental process for submitting book orders
3. Library's long range…

Minutes of the August 22, 1997 Library Advisory Committee Meeting
1. Election of Vice-Chairman

To: Members of the library Advisory Committee
From: Wendell Barbour
Re: First…

1. Meeting called to order
2. Election of Vice Chair
3. Departmental Book Allocations
4. Meeting…

1. Barcoding Project
2. Changes in Circulation Periods
3. Other Matters

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