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2.10 A Univ Tech Vetting 06052019.pdf
Email explaning the process:
Technology Vetting helps to reduce risk, avoid redundancy, and improve customer support for campus technology needs. The…

2.21 D-1 New University Counsel April2013.pdf
An email announcing that On Monday, April 15, [2013] Maureen Matsen will become CNU’s University Counsel. Includes brief background information.

2.21 D-6 For Managers 8212009.pdf
An email sent on behalf of the Student Employment Advisory Committee providing information for hiring students to work in on campus positions.

We plan on attending a tournament this spring which will be hosted by US Grappling in Virginia Beach. This is a submission only tournament, which…

Announcement of the inaugural recipient of the The Saber Award, Dr. Nicole Guajardo.

Editor's Note
Corinna Campbell - The Memory
Emily Mummer - Away
Daniel Gordan - Road Work Ahead
Eric Batiste - Board, Pondering a Picture on My…

This was a student presentation related to Dr. Jessica Kelly's Preparation for Individual Careers (PIC) in Math program. Here is a description of the…

CNU Community of Scholars Convocation Signature Witness Pen

1972-1974 Budget 1.jpg
Operating expenses.
Capital outlay appropriations.

12_1969 February 5 Memo.jpg
Indicates minutes are attached and there seems to have been an attachment at some point, however, nothing is currently included.