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2.10 A Univ Tech Vetting 06052019.pdf
Email explaning the process:
Technology Vetting helps to reduce risk, avoid redundancy, and improve customer support for campus technology needs. The…

2.21 D-1 New University Counsel April2013.pdf
An email announcing that On Monday, April 15, [2013] Maureen Matsen will become CNU’s University Counsel. Includes brief background information.

2.21 D-6 For Managers 8212009.pdf
An email sent on behalf of the Student Employment Advisory Committee providing information for hiring students to work in on campus positions.

We plan on attending a tournament this spring which will be hosted by US Grappling in Virginia Beach. This is a submission only tournament, which…

Editor's Note
Corinna Campbell - The Memory
Emily Mummer - Away
Daniel Gordan - Road Work Ahead
Eric Batiste - Board, Pondering a Picture on My…

This was a student presentation related to Dr. Jessica Kelly's Preparation for Individual Careers (PIC) in Math program. Here is a description of the…

CNU Community of Scholars Convocation Signature Witness Pen

1972-1974 Budget 1.jpg
Operating expenses.
Capital outlay appropriations.

12_1969 February 5 Memo.jpg
Indicates minutes are attached and there seems to have been an attachment at some point, however, nothing is currently included.

1972 July 10 Application 1.jpg
Application for approval of award contracts for equipment and utilities in the Campus Center.