5.4 C Currents Art and Literary Magazine 2011-2012


5.4 C Currents Art and Literary Magazine 2011-2012




Editor's Note
Corinna Campbell - The Memory
Emily Mummer - Away
Daniel Gordan - Road Work Ahead
Eric Batiste - Board, Pondering a Picture on My Living Room Wall
Linette Lee - Little Red Riding Hood
Rebecca Smith - The Youthful Shadow
Erin Gallagher - Happily Ever After
Cassie Hart - Another Season
Marielle Gernade-Willis - Cloud Obersavation
Emily Cole - Vanessa: A Sestina
Lindsey Pritchett - Country Roads
Meghan Cantwell - The Spell and the Moon
Oldga Slobodyanyuk - Fragile
Erika Barker - The Beginning in the End
Jadyne St. Julien - Untitled
Hannah M. Hunt - Sun Shines on an Insomniac
Peter Banks - Somewhere Down the Line
Gabrielle Hunt - john eight seven
Victoria Rupert - The Frame and the Painting
Amy E. Harrison - Abby
Scott Stevens - Sunglasses
John O'Brian - She Looked Like Latvia
Meghan Cantwell - The Rift in Peace
Meghan Cantwell - Half empty half full
Sally Grace Holtgrieve - On Year Ago Recollection
Ana Petillo - The Dreams of the Night
Charlotte Proctor - You & I
Jeanette Corey - A Cause of Symptom of Love
Peter Banks - Somewhere Down the Line
Braynden Tomsinson - Journey
Karin Dyer - Sun Bathing
Nicholas Denson - April Showers
Nina Salzberg - 2 Sizes 2 Big
Laura Glady - To the Horizon
Corinna Campgell - Doll & Flame
Whitney Walton - Dinner Table
James D. Cheeseman - High Lights
Nick Denson - Crawling Towards the Sun
Leslie Haynes - Path of No End
Braynden Tomsinson - Jane Doe
Corinna Campbell - Screaming Doll Monoprint
Karin Dyer - Saginaw
Graham Hunt - The Endless Feed
Melissa Williamson - Bursting
Allison Stough - This is It
James D. Cheeseman - Up in Smoke
Brayden Tomsinson - Five Thirty
Graham Hunt - Housebroken (Mr. Fluffums)
Inhye Hong - Fish
Emily Jackson - Night Watcher
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