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5.4 R Cupola-2019-web.pdf
Vol. 13
Table of Contents:

Dorian Gray a Study in Failed Individuation, by Lillian Holley (page 1)

Circular Economic Business Strategies: A…

5.4 R Cupola 2017-2018.pdf
Table of Contents:

Justice and Memory: How the Perceptions of Injustice at the Tokyo War Crimes Trial Impact Japanese Memories of World War II, by…

Investigating the Impact of Storm Events on the Availability of Terrestrial Insect Prey to Mummichog, by Cade Cobbs, Emma S. Dryden, Jessical S.…

5.4 R 20192020cupola.pdf
Nicolette DeFrank “Lolita and Dolores: Reexamining Lolita in the
Age of the ‘Me-Too’ Movement”
Winner of the Douglas K. Gordon Cupola…

5.4 R 2020-2021Cupola.pdf
Table of Contents

Allison Lyne “‘I to Live and Die Her Slave’ The True Nature
of Female Master-Servant Relations in Early Modern…

5.4 R Cupola 2016-2017.pdf
Table of Contents:

“The Methods of Coercion: Propaganda and the Wehrmacht”
by Matthew R. Horn (4-32)

“Master of None and Charged…

5.4 R Cupola 2014-2015.pdf
Table of Contents:

“From One Other to Another: 'Othered' Child Protagonists and Helpful Monsters” 1 –18 by Rachel Condon Douglas K Gordon…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

American Intervention in Siberia: Confusion, Indecisions and Frustrations: The American…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

Ethical Education and its Effect On Accounting Fraud by Kimberly Henry and Brittany Dodson (p.…

Top student research papers for the year, including:

European Fiscal Policy: A New Paradigm by Christopher Young (p.3-20)

Gendering Democracy:…