5.4 R The Cupola 2014-2015


5.4 R The Cupola 2014-2015


Research, Presentation of


Table of Contents:

“From One Other to Another: 'Othered' Child Protagonists and Helpful Monsters” 1 –18 by Rachel Condon Douglas K Gordon Award“

"Stealing the Opera in the Georgian Era: Tracing Michael Kelly and the Forty Thieves” 19 –27 by Matthew Kelly Douglas K. Gordon Award“

"Visibility and Victimization: Transgender Youth, Social Media and Violence” 28 –37 by Hayley Baugham

“Reclaiming Center Stage: Britten's Canticle II” 38 –53 by Callie Boone

“Unintentional Shipment of Species: Transporting Goods Damaging the Ecosystem?”54 –66 by Page Daniels

“ 'Who...Or What...Is He?': The Evolving Role of Popular Culture and Perception in Sino-American Diplomatic Relations from the 'Yellow Peril' of the Late 1800s to the Early Years of the Cold War” by 67-94 Oliver Thomas
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