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The students who participate in the Falk Seminar dedicate their time to create new knowledge on the subject of music history.
Explore the various topics below and click the links to open the final reports submitted by Falk seminarians from

Bela Bartok and American Folk Music
By Annie Snow

Eddie Jefferson (August 3, 1918 - March 25, 1979): The Father of Vocalese
By Aaron T. Hill

Virgil Thomson: A Composer-Critic Looks at Film
By David B. Nicholson

A Preliminary Study of Alfred P. Gibbs: His Life and His Hymns
By Joanna R. Betz

The Hip-Hop Rapper's Role as African Griot in American Society
By Catherine Hauke

Stephen Melillo's STORM
By Stephen Cornelius

Maurice Saylor: Contemporary Composer
By Ellen Fisher

A Study of John J. Hood's Notation
By Adrianne Ryder-Cook

Let the World Cry Out in Song
By Rachel Maloney

The Life and Work of William Shannon Stoney: Distinguished Hampton Roads Composer
By Cathy Gaherty