1.1 Board of Visitors Agenda with attached Memo


1.1 Board of Visitors Agenda with attached Memo


College management


Memo from May 28, 1968 to H. Wescott Cunningham from W. Mellville Jones attached to a packet of the partial agenda from the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors.

Agenda: Board of Visitors, June 1, 1968, Branch Colleges.

RB-CN-1: Increase in the Salaries of the Directors of Christopher Newport College and Richard Bland College.
RB-1: Approving Resignation of Faculty Member for Mr. Charles A. Thompson.
RB-2: Regarding Faculty Leave of Absence for John J. Alewnse
RB-3: Resolution Approving Appointments of Replacement to Faculty for Sidney R. Davis, Betsy J. Bublitz, Susan F. Griswold, William J. Spaniol, George D. Haich, and John J. Jackson.
RB-4: Resolution Approving Increase in Salary for Faculty Above the One-Step Merit Increase for Leora Hayes, Andrea R. Torrence, Gabriel A. Torack, and John T. Thios.

62: Governor's Authorization to Transfer Funds
63: Deficit Authorization, Special Funds Revenue Estimate, 1967-68, Decrease in Special Funds Revenue, 1967-68, Deficit Authorization, Letter to Dr. Paschall, President of the College of William and Mary from Lewis H. Vaden, Letter to Lewis H. Vaden, Treasurer of Virginia, from David Y. Paschall, Letter promising that the Rector and Visitors of the College of William and Mary will repay the State Treasury, and Letter from Richard Bland College acknowledging the receipt of a loan from the Rector and Visitors of the College of William and Mary.
64: Approval of Promotions for Faculty Members of Christopher Newport College for Dr. Jean Elizabeth Pugh, Joseph Richard Ambrose, Richard Epes McMurran, Albert Edward Millar, Jr., Ruth O. Simmons, R. Beverley Vaughan, Jr., and Barron Floyd Tabor.
65: Approval of Resignations and Leave of Absence for Christopher Newport College for William Kirk Neal, II, Georgia Morris Hunter, Martha Kerlin, and Raoul Weinstein.
66: Approval of Replacements and Appointments Because of Increasing Enrollment for Ruth Lynch Kernodle and JoEllen K. Sutton.
67: Escalation of Christopher Newport College to Four-Year, Undergraduate Degree-Granting Status
68: Letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia in regards to a transfer of funds


May 28, 1968


Jones, W. Melville

Board of Visitors

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