5.4 R The Cupola 2018-2019


5.4 R The Cupola 2018-2019


Research, Presentation of


Vol. 13
Table of Contents:

Dorian Gray a Study in Failed Individuation, by Lillian Holley (page 1)

Circular Economic Business Strategies: A Cost Effective Solution to the Global Waste Management Crisis, by Samantha Spata (page 8)

Perfect and Imperfect: Doctrine, Cathar Believers and Cather Perfects in Southern France, by Stephen Miller Bowe (page 22)

Power to the People: The Legacy of Photography from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, by Elizabeth Chung (page 40)

Women's Burdens in the Wake of Disaster: A Synthetical Approach, by Madeline Clark (page 60)

The Effect of Exposure on the Perceptions of Autism in Spectrum Disorder, by Hayley Clawson, Alexa Lewis, Candance Mellett, and Adam Spencer (page 69)

Indigenous Health: Echoes of Colonialization, by Kerry Clingenpeel (page 80)

Rhetoric and Virtue: Towards and Ethics for the Symbol-Using Animal, by Brady DeHoust (page 91)

A Term of Bad Behavior: Judicial Independence and the Impeachment of Justice Samuel Chase, by Daniel Glenn (page 112)

How anxious is too anxious? Electrodermal activity during exposures predicts anxious youth’s treatment response to brief cognitive behavioral therapy, by Caitlyn C. McCormack, Rebekah J. Mennies, Jennifer S. Silk, and Lindsey B. Stone (page 122)

The Influence of Shakespeare’s Theater on the Traditional Boundaries of Society, by Jordan Moore (page 141)

Peasants on Crusade: The Motives and Actions of Commoners during the People’s Crusade, by Ethan Phillips (page 152)

Recognizing Statehood: A Comparison of Somaliland and South Sudan, by Sofe Piracha (page 169)

Suicidality Among High School Students, by Samantha R. Renner (page 180)

Resplendent Light: Kehinde Wiley and the Fusion of Traditional Conventions and Modern Modes in Stained Glass, by Ariel Russell (page 189)

Total Automation: Its Likelihood, its Viability, and its Dangers, by Noah Scher (page 225)

Connections Between Child Giftedness and Theory of Mind, by Erin Stitt (page 239)
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