2.33 G-1 Daily Digest November 18, 2016


2.33 G-1 Daily Digest November 18, 2016


Social participation


A daily list of today's and upcoming events.
Sigma Alpha Omega Open Bible Study: 1:00pm
Freely Made: A Fair Trade Fashion Show: 8:00pm
THRIVE with IJM: 8:00pm
Syrian Refugee Blankets and Coat Drive
Student Assembly Delegate Application - Deadline
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Phi Mu Supply Drive
Simply Three
Rent 20th Anniversary
IFC Get 'em to the Greek
The New Member Experience
Needed Conversations
GPB Moonball
A Fair Trade Fashion Show - Freely Made
Spain/Morocco Study Abroad
Syrian Refugee Blanket & Coat drive
Apply to be a Student Assembly Delegate
Chase-Levenson History Research Talk
Chinese Culture Day
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November 18, 2016


Office of Student Activities

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