5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 14, 2012


5.4 O PAIDEIA, April 14, 2012


College students
Research, Presentation of


Conference program

- Rousseau v. Wollstonecraft: The "enlightened" construction and deconstruction of gender n the eighteenth century
By Ashley Hutson

- Orientalism in Voltaire's Satire Candide
By Brendan Harris

- Beyond the discourse
By Ian Nutter

- Deconstructing Emile and Sophie, the "Ideal" couple: Protoheteronormativity in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile
By Alan-Michael Weatherford

- Selling women: The irony of feminists and Courtesans in Belle Epoque France
By Paige Koch

- Purpose in Aeneas's encounters in Virgil's Underworld
By Sarah Peters

- Ovid's Ars Amatoria and mythology
By Emily Cole

- Trajan's column
By Matthew Johnston, Jaren Kreiner and Stephen Mason

- Special symposium in spanish
By Julia Varona

- A look into the symbolism of the characters in the Bildungsroman, Vientos de Agua
By Amanda Rocamontes

- The mediated hero: How :The Walking Dead" perpetuates cultural assumptions of the American hero
By Nader Nekvasil

- The "other" masculinity within Sons of Anarchy
By Daniel Blakely

- The Casey Anthony phenomenon: A study of public discourse
By Samantha Bronson

- Everyday use of Twitter and Black Blogs as a means of black resistance
By Veronica Hurd

- Hollywood's interpretation of the Vietnam War
By Amanda Scott

- The effect of theory of mind on trait attributions of preschoolers
By Renee Roccato and Ashley E. Soto

- Cognition and physical fatigue on perceived effots
By Tejaswi, Jennifer Marshall, Stephanie Roldan, Amanda Wilson, Ryan Trachtengberg, Nathen Illidge, Jenniger Bledsoe and Kathleen Needham

- Cognitive performance following emotional stress from simulated combat
By Elizabeth Vignaroli, Emily Aquilina, Dana Burns and Beauregard Buchanan

- Fading affect bias in relation to death
By Jacqueline Lentz, Kalli Wilson, Ashley Fehr, Janet Claire Brantley, Hannah Kaye, Angela Toscano and Dr. Jeffery A. Gibbons

- The seeds of Abraham: St. Thomas Aquinas and Mawlana Jalal al-Din Rumi
By James Nalley

- The impact of "Women's Speaking Justified" on the Quaker women's ministry
By Caitlin McGeever

- Faith and the external world: A critique of Descartes and an affirmation of unproven claims
By Kelly Barry

- Machiavelli through the ages: An examination of Severus and Kissinger
By Virginia Blanton

- Lyndon Johnson and his relationships with his advisers
By Eric Kinsey

- Duong Van "Big" Minh's big influence
By John Stevens

- Now way out: How politics pushed Johnson into the Vietnam escalation
By Ryan Wilson

- Confederate sovereignty and the prize cases
By Maddie Popham

- Spaniard in New York: The effects of deterritorialization on the identity and poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca
By Rosemary Barton

- Franz Kafka: Exploring territoriality, language and the body
By Andrew Cason

- Speaking the subaltern via the Hijab in France
By Lauren Pistole

- Zafarse de Fuku: The effects of Dominican diaspora on the gendered and sexualized identities in the brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao
By Alan-Michael Weatherford

- Distribution of juvenile fish on Hummingbird Cay, Bahamas
By Matthew Ware and Brian McNure

- Effects of fire on soil properties in the Great Dismal Swamp
By Kristina Kowalski, Jackie Roquemore and Robert B. Atkinson

- Spiritual transformation from intrinsic and extrinsic wilderness experiences
By David Blanton and Luke Jeffery

- Herbivory and morphometric comparisons of two nursery stocks of Atlantic White Cedar planted in Chesapeake, VA
By Mellony Seidel

- Progress towards a two-step synthesis of the violacein core
By Kyle Ponce

- Do bilingual and multilingual individuals show structural and functional advantages in hemispheric communication compared to monolinguals?
By Brittany Brown

- Detecting rhenium in Zebrafish viz x-ray flourescense analysis
By Vanessa Correll and Jacquelyn Doroski

- Petroleomics: Analysis of crude oil by mass spectrometry
By Rebecca Beasley, Mitchell R. Horten and Geoffery C. Klein

- Effects of soil cadmium and mycorrhizal fungi on the growth, fitness and cadmium accumulation in flax
By Laura Hancock, Charlotte Ernst, Rebecca Charneskie and Lauren G. Ruane

- Students texting in class shown to be distracting
By Catherine Barton, Ayla Byrd, Rachel Lavendar, Erin Rolaf, Alexa George, Ellen Poindexter and Starr Eshleman

- College athletes and alcohol consumption
By Caitlin Butrick and Travis Roefls

- Identifying a behavioral task sensitive to early spatial learning and memory deficits in a TauP301L transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
By Dave Tosto, Tiffany L. Glover, Stephen L. Deweese, Kevin M. Knowlan and John M. Grizzanti

- Shaping culture of Undergraduate leadership programs: Does selection process matter?
By Katie Reeves

- A theoretical model to explain the onset of non-suicidal self injury
By Christopher Fry

- Seat intention therapy as a framework for describing student desk selection: Pick a seat, and seat!
By Jade Austin

- A history of the anti-tobacco public policy campaign as a model for obesity regulation
By Emily Whitby

- The voter intent model: A preliminary framework for factors predicting voter behavior
By Gabrielle Martin and Allison Stafford

- Are angry people evil? The impact of personality on malevolent creativity
By Prithika Selvavel, Gayle T. Dow and Sherman Lee

- Development of a computerized image acquisition system for analysis of betta splendens bubble-nesting behavior
By Carol Paulsen, Amanda Bordeaux, Raluca Brand, Cecilia Hansen, Laura Little and Dr. Andrew Velkey

- Ina-1 promoter mapping in C. elgans
By Caitlin Donahue and Kristen Kufro

- Ina-1 signaling mechanism
By Kelly Willett

- Riverview Farm Park community wetland enhancement project
By Crystal Levenson, Colleen Garrison, Kristina Kowalski, Jacqueline Roguemore and Dr. Robert Atkinson

- Music therapy treatment: A literature review
By Alissa Feudo

- Defendant social and physical attractiveness on leniency of punishment
By Christine Smilek

- Music’s influence on product perception: A literature review
By Micheal Thomas

- Stimulus discrimination of food in Zebrafish
By Katarina Nguyen

- Examining psychological and religious factors among bereaved adults
By Laurin Roberts

- A review of adolescent substance abuse treatments
By Candace Thompson

- Community engagement continuum
By Tierney Stark and Dr. Elizabeth Gagnon

- Face recognition and autism spectrum disorder
By Sarah Adams, Geneva Polser, Cory Katona, Alie Plott, Paige Daniels, Mandy Wood and Ayla Byrd

- Sex differences in responding to social reinforcement in betta splendens
By Nicola Donnelly, Jasmine Reynolds and Ashley Darden

- Is efficiency if hemispheric communication related to enhanced cognitive flexibility?
By Laura Rabbitt, Stephanie Cole, Ariel Myatt and Sarah Ball

- Relations of executive functions and metalinguistic awareness to late second language learning in college students
By Amanda Lane, Audrey M. Karney, Laura Umberger, Megan Wittusen, Allison Stafford, Timothy M. Toler, Terrain Singleton, Mandy Bradbury and Kelly B. Cartwright

- Pavlovian conditioning of sexual responding betta splendens
By Laura Little, Morgan Warner, Carol Paulson, Luca Brand and Cecilia Hansen

- The effects of adolescent bullying on females later in life
By Sarah Mihm

- Does superior perceptual completion facilitate hemispheric communication on illusory contours?
By Allison Seeley and Kyle Leonard

- Robotic arm based on distributed cognition
By Matthew Rutherford, Dustin Ingersoll, Dan Tomaino and Nathan Walker

- Exploring the role of curvature in object recognition
By Verity Watson, Kelsey Jackson, Katelyn Conneen and Samantha Seay

- The moral basis of universal human rights
By Zachary MacDonald

- Iraq, the social contract, and the resource curse
By Katherine Forbes

- The next domino: U.S. intervention in Brazil in the era of development, 1960-1969
By Prentice Sargeant

- Food ways in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A representation of freedom and a means of establishing a community
By Thomas Rice

- The assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem and U.S. involvelemt in Vietnam
By Phil Marotto

- The effects of news source on believability and recognition of believable and unbelievable news headlines
By Morgan Epstein, Lauren Shriver, Lauren Gooden, Christopher Boyer, Martin Bretzin, Nicholas Saffos and Dr. Jeffery Gibbons

- Technology and sex crimes in America
By Jennifer Wittenberg

- Show me the money: The conflict of intellectual property rights and originality of authorship
By Jacqueline Lentz

- Treason during the American Revolution
By Ashley Blatt

- Ethics of Sons of Anarchy
By Daniel Blakely

- Intelligent design vs. naturalism
By Shane Conley

- Applying the theory of island biogeography to explain species diversity and abundance within individual trees
By Shawn Wurst and Lauren G. Ruane

- Objectivity in science: A review of Helen Longino’s feminist stand-point theory
By Michael Zamostny

- Medicine as a microculture: A comparative study of the culture of medicine based on Hofstede and Hofstede’s 5 cultural dimensions
By Jennifer Gerstenfeld


April 14, 2012


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