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2.33 B-3 Setting Sail Family Schedule 2019.pdf
Schedule of Setting Sail events for family of students.

2.33 B-3 Setting Sail Students Schedule 2019.pdf
Student schedule for Setting Sail for summer of 2019.

2.21 C-4 Spinnaker June 2019.pdf
Thank you President Trible!
AP Faculty Leave Request
July Timesheets
Upcoming Lunch and Learns
Pay Increases

5.1 B-4 Lighting the future for the Class of 2019.pdf
Request for volunteers for Candlelight Ceremony, to commemorate the transition of our graduates to Alumni

5.1 B-4 June Makes Me happy 06062019.pdf
Invitation to Aluni networking event available at various locations/dates.

2.55 OURCA ResearchMatch email 06052019.pdf
An email regarding the "OURCA ResearchMatch" program. Includes a link to a survey which has been saved to the archive as a pdf of the webpage.

2.10 A Univ Tech Vetting 06052019.pdf
Email explaning the process:
Technology Vetting helps to reduce risk, avoid redundancy, and improve customer support for campus technology needs. Theā€¦

2.4 B cnufathersemail.jpg 06042019.jpg
Advertisement for CNU Gear sale for Father's Day.

2.7 A Campus Exercise Tomorrow 06042019.pdf
Email providing details of lock down drill on campus.

2.7 A Abandoned bike 05282019.pdf
Email regarding abandoned bike recovery program.