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  • Collection: 5.5 C-6 Miscellaneous

Discussion of the history and background of the SGA.
- Vision statement
- Motto
- List of Officers for 2006-2007
- List of Executive…

Memo to the SGA discussing the placement of AEDs on campus.
Includes an AED Plan of Action with information about phasing the devices and associated…

E-mail to the SGA requesting that they discuss the possibility of placing a computer lab for east campus.

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E-mail to the SGA requesting that they discuss the issues at their next meeting.
Includes a letter written to ITS in regards to antivirus security…

E-mail to Edward Blunt requesting that a list of issues be discussed at the next SGA meeting.

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E-mail to the SGA thanking them for addressing the recent issues with C-Store.

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To: Donna Eddleman
Cc: Anna Williams
From: Carol Brady

In regards to the posting and distribution policy and improperly posted…

List of possible items to work on next semester, arranged in the following categories:
- Dining
- Housing
- Parking
- Computers/IT/Technical

General information for Senators.

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Report about the requirements to receive the Virginia Environmental Excellence Award at E-2 Level.

- Summary
- Application

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