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Handwritten notes about the internal and external goals of the SGA.

Old but Current Initiatives
New Initiatives

SGA Office Information
Standing Committees
President's Council
Campus Wide Postings
Organizational Publicity Board
Organization Office…

Petition to choose to keep CNU's dining operations self-operated instead of contracting an outside vendor.

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Brief report on the Virginia State Student Government Association conference:
- CNU Attendees
- Cost to the SGA
- Cost to individual…

Memo to the members of the Executive Council informing them that the next meeting will be held over the winter break.

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Flyer explaining the activities that the SGA has completed over the past year.
Encourages membership into the SGA's standing or ad-hoc…

Handwritten notes from the VDOT meeting with Thomas A. Druhot.

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Information about the survey to gather opinions on CNU's evacuation during tropical storm Hanna on September 6, 2008.
- Event causing…

List of quotes from professors, students, and members of the SGA discussing the SGA.

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1 copy of draft with handwritten notes