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A checklist used to facilitate the transition from one SGA President to the next.
Contains handwritten notes.
Note: Many of the items have been…

Press release about President Trible's address on the future of the University.

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Letter to the Op-Ed page of the Captain's Log.
Includes a description on how the SGA will get students to get involved.

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Letter to Ms. Angela Forest discussing the opportunity to write a personality profile for the Washington Post.

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PR report sent to Donna Eddleman with information about a proposal for increased Student Government publicity.

1 copy of final document
2 draft…

Updates from the President of the SGA.

Includes information on the budget, the Board of Visitors meeting, the Freshman Senate, the State of the…

Updates from the President of the SGA:
- Office hours
- CNU Emergency Response website
- BOV meeting
- Captain's Card Interface
- E-mail bill

Updates from the President of the SGA:
- Kevin Hughes
- Andrew Crawford
- Director of Auxiliary and Culinary Services
- Office hours
- Peter…

Updates from the President of the SGA:
- Elections Board
- Recycling in Student Union
- Meeting with Paul Trible
- SCHEV meeting
- Campus…

Updates from the President of the SGA:
- Kat Wilson
- New freshman Senators
- Community Outreach Committee cell phone drive
- Sign-ups
- VA21…