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5.5 F  2019-20 Student Assembly Election Results.pdf
Student Assembly President, Henry Womble;
Student Assembly Executive Vice President, Lauren Janes;
Student Assembly Vice President of…

SGA Election Results 2006-2007.pdf
List of election results.

Available online only.

List of Class Officers for the Class of 2011, Class of 2012, Class of 2013 and Class of 2014

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A flyer urging students to vote for James Imoehl for Student Assembly Vice President during 2014-2015 elections

List of Class of 2009 Officers:
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Historian
- Public Relations

List of the members of the Student Government Association for the 2005-2006 semester.

Contact information for various members of the Executive Branch.

Questionnaire for members of the Executive Board to provide their opinions and suggestions on the effectiveness of the SGA.
17 individual…

Honor Code Revision Committee application for Brittany Sheppard.
Includes a description of her qualifications, her academic transcript, and a letter…

Descriptions of the duties and responsibilities for:
- SGA President
- SGA Vice-President
- SGA Class Senator
- SGA Senator-At-Large