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SGA pres council meeting September 25 2003.pdf
Report from Ashley Boyd about what is happening in the SGA senate.
Reports from clubs of the university.

Available online only.

SGA Senate Meeting November 28 2005.pdf
I. Call to order
II. Attendance
III. Reading and Accepting of the Minutes
IV. Senate Business
V. Executive Report
VI. Unfinished Business

SGA Senate Meeting November 14 2005.pdf
I. Call to order
II. Accepting of Minutes
III. Attendence (sic)
IV. Meeting next Monday; how many people will be able to attend
V. Committee…

SGA Senate Meeting November 6 2005.pdf
I. Call to order
II. Attendence (sic)
III. Accepting of Minutes
IV. Committee Reports
V. Executive Reports
VI. Unfinished Business
VII. New…

SGA Senate Meeting March 31 2006.pdf
I. Call to Order 5.27p
II. Salute to the Virginia State Flag
III. Attendance: absent: Stump, Jeffries, Hamm
IV. Reading of the Minutes
V. Senate…

SGA Minutes April 4 2005.pdf
I. Call to Order
II. Attendance
III. Reading and accepting of the minutes: Move to accept Stacy
(Second attendance call)
IV. Senate Business

Agenda and minutes for the SGA meeting:
- Call to order
- Roll call
- Reading and approval of minutes
- Senate business
- Reports of Officers,…

Notes with a list of blurt ups/outs
- Ride board
- Pin board
- Placement of said boards
- Ash trays

Notes with a list of blurt ups/outs
- Jared
- David
- Understaff at SU
- Website
- Ride board
- Library

SUA. Blurt outs to be reported 9-18-06.pdf
Responses to a list of blurt outs:
- Recycling program
- Alumni relations
- EPP (Emergency Preparedness Program)
- Water fountain by basketball…