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  • Collection: 5.4 I The Undertow

- Photograph by Robin Kinmouth
- The chapman's complainte by Ken Pasture
- Unknown artist by Debby Anderson
- June is primping by Bob…

- Cover design by Leslie Hubbard
- To David Hume by Bruce Pittard
- Wolf trap: Taking a boy to sea by Ken Pasture
- Killer by David…

- To Euterpe by Tricia Bentley
- The last tie by Robert L. Saunders
- Nursing home by Robin Kinmouth
- America by Ken Pasture

- Cover design by David Lyon
- Poem for actors by Paula Rankin
- For the child last seen in the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Paula…

- Cover design by Jim Baughman
- Tag by Barbara Edison
- The Baptizing of Arthur Justin by David Lilley
- Parliament of indiscretion by…

- Cover by David Lyon
- Photograph by Mark Shanks
- Artist's prerogative by Paula Rankin
- Summer hangs in the tangles on the streets by…

- Cover by Paul Baker
- Photograph by William Polis
- Tangerine madness by Ray Barnes
- Earth colors by R. Osbourne
- Reflections in…

- Cover by Guy Townsend
- Photograph by A. Wilson Valentine III
- Earth by Jim Spielburger
- Fall by Jim Spielburger
- Weary mulatto by…


Short stories:
- Moth: An experimental self portrait by Allen C. Thomas
- Yacub's ladder by H. V. Wiggins
- Untitled by John Sines

- Cover by Audrey Newman
- Photograph by David Wier, Jr.
- He is a sick old man by Fred Epps
- I got it from Jesse James by Matthew…