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Handwritten title. Chief Pat. G. Minetti awarded Distinguished Alumni Award

2 copies
Sticky note on first copy an addition to the letter and concerns election.
Sticky note on second copy says "ready to go."
Both have…

Brady informs Bryant that she will be unable to attend the dinner meeting but thanks the Association for selecting her as the recipient of the $250…

Ann Braxton accepted arts award on behalf of Cathie Gaherty. Enclosed within card: 3 pictures taken at the event.

Form letter and 2 copies addressed to Cathryn Gaherty inviting her to annual dinner meeting

Fax comment: Betty, please review and change what you wish. Attached: copy of letter to Alan S. Witt, Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

Nomations: Martha Fawbush, Cathryn Gaherty, and Ellen Baize.