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  • Collection: 5.1 C-1 Homecoming

Survey questions and answers about the cocktail buffet, the comedian, Melvin George, and requests for other homecoming activities.

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List of areas needing improvement and a list of positive aspects of homecoming.

Announcement of homecoming events:
Alumni Welcome Reception
Alumni Alley Tailgating
Homecoming Parade
Captains Football vs. Ferrum College
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List of items and their cost for the Alumni Association cocktail party.
Attached is another handwritten list of items.

Events from 1983-1991 and include homecoming dances, cocktail parties and annual meetings

Book includes signatures

List of reservations for the cocktail buffet and show.

List of alumni who have reservations for homecoming.

List of events scheduled for homecoming.
Includes ticket information for the homecoming game.

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- Letter from the President of…

Newspaper clipping explaining homecoming events.