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  • Collection: 5.1 C-1 Homecoming

List of events scheduled for homecoming.
Includes ticket information for the homecoming game.

3 copies

- Letter from the President of…

Form to reserve spaces for the alumni association cocktail party.
Includes instructions for set up.

Letter to staff and faculty with a list of scheduled events for homecoming.
Includes ticket information and handwritten notes.

3 copies

A mouse pad with images of various CNU buildings; includes a note from the Alumni Relations team.
Also includes a sheet with images of more buildings…

Postcard with information about two homecoming sporting events:
CNU vs Methodist and CNU vs Ferrum.

Postcard with a list of the scheduled events planned for Homecoming.
Includes a list of area accommodations, restaurants and eateries.

2 copies

5.1 C-1 Homecoming 2013 T-Shirts.pdf
Invitation to order a homecoming shirt for 2013 with the slogan Work like a Captain. Party like a Pirate! Includes images of the various shirts…

Events from 1983-1991 and include homecoming dances, cocktail parties and annual meetings

Book includes signatures

Oct. 18, 1989. Oct. 26, 1989 (2 copies).
November 8, 1989 (7 copies).
Nov. 17, 1989 (3 copies. One is attached to Athletic Department Staff…