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3.34 C PCSE Colloquium Collins 02112014.pdf
An email announcing a PCSE Colloquium speaker Dr. Michael Collins, Assistant Professor Computer Science, who will present "Economic Models of Network…

3.34 C PCSE Colloquium Gianvecchio 10142013.pdf
Dr. Steven Gianvecchio will be presenting: "Bots, Zombies, and Botnets: Automated Malware in Online Games, Social Networks, and the Internet." Friday,…

3.34 PCSE Colloquium Series Moore 09302013.pdf
Announcement that Dr. William Moore, will be presenting "Going for a Swim in Europa's Ocean" on October 14, 2013.

3.34 C PCSE Colloquium Series Brash 09182013.pdf
Dr. Edward J. Brash, Professor of Physics, will present "Rolling in the Higgs: A commentary on our existence" as part of the new PCSE Colloquium…