5.5 G Budgets

Items in the 5.5 G Budgets Collection

A completed worksheet displaying the total expenses and revenues for the Student Government…

The financial report displaying the expenditures of the Student Government Association.

I. Mission
II. Types and definitions of available funding programs
III. Criteria

Guide explaining the instructions for preparing a budget for clubs and organizations.

2 copies

Information about upcoming budget workshops, final budget packages, and budget timelines.

1 copy

Discussion message with information about budget cuts from the Faculty Senate meeting on November 1,…

E-mail to Andy Mansfield in regards to the issue of showcases without locks.

1 copy

Letter informing Molly Buckley, President of the SGA, that the Student Activities Fee Appropriations…

Letter to the Student Government Association informing them of the funds that have been allocated…

List of resources with their associated costs:
- Programming
- AED (Physio-control LP-CR+)

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