2.21 D-1 New Employees

Items in the 2.21 D-1 New Employees Collection

Cindy Knupp joined CNU staff as the part-time Coordinator of the Presidential Leadership Program.

Marcia Boyd welcomed as CNU's new Director of Financial Aid

Kay Little will be working in the President's office as an Administrative Staff Specialist

Yvonne Clark is a new accountant.
Brandon Austin and Karen Shuler are police officers.

Susanne Moore joins CNU staff as the Project Manager in Ferguson Hall.

Angela Boyd will be working as an Assistant Director of Admissions.

Peggy Thomas is a University Police Officer.
Anthony Felt is a graphic artist in the Office of…

Chun K. Saul is an accountant in the Business Office.

Hollie R. Minidis is a new Admissions Officer.

Stevalynn R. Adams is a graphic designer.
Michelle C. Carpenter is a Public Relations Specialist.

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