5.7 Deaths

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CNU student Winston A. Soares, Jr., passed away at Riverside Hospital.

5.7 Sad News: Brian "Swerv" Herrmann
An email announcing the death of Brian "Swerv" Herrmann, a CNU student and member of the basketball…

5.7 Memorial Services: Brian Herrmann
An email providing information about the visitation, funeral, and CNU gathering to be held for Brian…

5.7 Celebration of the Life of Brian Herrmann
An email from the Men's Basketball Coach thanking the CNU community for support and inviting them to…

5.7 Some Sad News: Nick Smith
An email announcing the death of CNU student Nick Smith.

5.7 Memorial Services: Nick Smith
An email providing information on the visitation and funeral for Nick Smith, a CNU student.

5.7 Some Sad News: Death of Sierra Smith
An email announcing the passing of Sierra Smith a Freshman at CNU.

5.7 Our Tragedy: Death of Kimberley Brin and Sierra Smith and injury of Emani Wade
An email announcing the death of Kimberley Brin, Sierra Smith's roommate who was killed in the same…

5.7 Remembrance Ceremony: Sierra Smith and Kimberley Brin
An email announcing a planned memorial service at CNU for Sierra Smith and Kimberley Brin, two CNU…

5.7 Celebrating the Lives of Three Great Captains
An email announcing the memorial services for Ben Kunkel, Class of 2010; Dr. Ed Weiss, Professor…

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